What Size Hook for Carp?

What is the biggest Carp you ever snagged in the hook? Mine was 32-lbs, and I used a number 2 hook. Since that snag, I realized both size and features of the hook matter in carp fishing. It’s like buying a pair of pants. It’s not only the look but the length, cut, and waist all are essential for a perfect fit.  So if you are wondering what size hook for Carp is the best, my answer will be it depends on numerous things. However, the first and foremost will be the size of the fish. If you want to catch a 20+ lbs. carp, I have some tips that helped me catch them like a breeze.

But in the case of picking the right hook size, the issue is not that straightforward. Let’s scroll down patiently as you sit on the lakeshore while angling. And get to know the perfect hook size for your next 30 pounder catch.

Let’s Know the Hook for Carp Fishing

What Size Hook for Carp
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You can write an entire Grey’s Anatomy for carp fishing hook. Why won’t you? A hook is not only a twisted piece of metal wire. In fact, I believe they are the most vital characters in an angling game with diverse features.


It’s the ring at the end of the hook. It attaches the hook to a line or a lure. In a carp hook, the eye can be either open or closed.

Closed eyes keep the knot in place rather than the open one. However, the open eye is to keep the loop onto lures. You will find the eyes straight, turned up or down. They are vital for a diverse hook set up.


Shank is the part of the hook between the eye and the bend. It can be either straight or bent. You may find a barb on the shank on a bait holder hook. They keep the worms or minnows in place to disguise the hook.


It’s the curved part of the hook between shank and throat. It can be circled or U-shaped. Circled bend brings the hook point back towards the eye loop. This tight bend ensures a firm snag on the lips of the fish.


It is the tiny space between the bend and the point. You can’t distinguish it if the hook is too small. But, an extended throat can be vital while dealing with bigger carps. It makes sure the point is stuck in the right place with enough grip.


It’s the workhorse of the hook. The point actually does the job of snagging and catching the carp fish for you. The end can come in many shapes like

  • Needle
  • Rolled In
  • Spear
  • Knife Edge
  • Hollow


There is a space between the point and the shank. It is called a gap or gape. A wider gap is perfect for bigger fish like Carp.


It is the backward-facing spike on the point that prevents the hook from getting loose and coming back. You may find some fishing ponds do not allow barbed hooks. It minimizes the injury to the fish.

What is Size Hook for Carp Best? Small or Big Carp Hooks?

Smaller or bigger hook for carps? Well, this discourse will go on and on in the community. But I have found a simple solution. A bigger hook works best for bigger fish. So, if your eye is on the big fishes of the pond, better go for a sizable hook.

But there is no way to sweep away the smaller hooks from the table. They have some noticeable features that can do big catches. It’s time to look at both unbiasedly.

Small Hooks

The minimal size of the hook makes it highly adaptive with any size of bait. Moreover, it ensures better penetration. Getting into the mouth is easier for a smaller hook while the fish suck in the bait.

You can cast a smaller hook with bait longer than a bigger version. So reaching the most adventurous fish of the pond will be easier.

But when dealing with a 30 pounder, a small hook is not durable enough to hold the fish. I have found the smaller gap is the most challenging part of the hook. It cannot grab a bigger area of flesh.

So, snag fishing with a smaller hook will not be a great idea.

Big Hooks

I prefer big hooks for catching big carps. Because they are man enough to land the 20 to 30-lbs carps from water. Like smaller hooks, you can put any size of carp bait on a longer type. A 10-mm bait will fit perfectly on the number 8 hook.

How do you feel while attaching a big hook on the line? Well, I feel confident enough to have a big catch. A shaky mind will never land a fish with ease.

Sometimes such big hooks can be counterproductive. They are too exposed to the fishes. You can counter it with a proper rig. Any snowman hookbait or buoyant rig will make it discrete enough.

Get ready to cut the casting down. The heavier weight of the hook will make you go for a shorter distance. Guess what, on bright sunny days, carps love to stay close to the share in shallow water. How cool is that?

Carp Fishing Hook Color Can be a Game Changer

Yes, hook color can be a vital factor for angling in different environments. They work as army camouflage for an aggressive ambush.

  • Use Brown hooks in sandy or muddy areas. They are my first choice for silty water.
  • Is the pond full of weeds and aquatic vegetation? Then pick Dark Green.
  • For gravely or rocky bottoms, Grey or Black hooks are perfect.
  • You can also color the hooks according to the bait color. Once I used Yellow to blend the hook in corn bait.

How to Keep the Hook Battle Ready?

A hook is like your main armament in a battle with fish. Scoring a win is only possible if they are genuinely battle-ready.

  • Inspect the hook for any rust or dullness after each session
  • Sharp the Point and Barbs for a swift catch
  • Color if necessary to prevent from rusting
  • Keep the hooks in a dry container


I will still stick to the bigger hook for a better catch. However, you may still have hesitation on what size hook for Carp. It’s better to try both and come with your personal choice.

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