Best Carp Bait for Summer – 12 Top Secret Carp Baits

Carp fishes eat everything. So finding a dozen baits for luring the carps was not very difficult for us. Whether it’s a myth that carp have taste buds or not, but the fact remains carps are easy to lure with the most common of baits. Spicy, salty, sour, sweet, plain, smelly, alive, or artificial, when there is food in your fishing hook, carps will take the bait, and that’s a given. Make sure to crack the puzzle of the perfect location where carps are found lurking.

Though Spring is the best season to catch carps, summer is not too bad either. Who wants to miss angling carps on their favorite summer vacation, right! None. So, what are those dozen of best carp bait for summer we were hinting earlier, let’s check them below.

12 Best Carp Bait for Summer


corn as carp baits
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Corn and sweet corn, both are the most favorite food of carps as well as the anglers. Ask any anglers what the first bait they used while carp fishing was. The answer will mostly be corn. Because corn is very easily available, and the making process of it is equally easy too. Just boil it with the right amount of water after soaking it for 24 hours before cooking.

As the last step, one can add pineapple essence to it. Not seasoning corn with essence doesn’t make it less appealing for the carps at all.

Tiger Nuts

Tiger Nuts Carp Baits
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Carps love oily food. Isn’t that similar to human nature? But jokes aside, Tiger nuts are small in size, contain lots of oil in them, and are sweet, soft but a bit crunchy. And that already sounds delicious. So we all understand why even the carps love the Tiger Nuts. Carps are eating at least something right.


Carp bait Boilies
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Mix flour or fish meal, eggs, and food additives, and prepare small round shape boilies. If you do not want to work hard in making boilies all by yourself, then get it from a super shop near you. These are too common and affordable to make them on your own. However, be it homemade or shop-bought, you cannot use boiling without cooking. So boil them for making a legit carp bait. After they are hard-boiled, let them dry in the air for 24 hours. That way, the boilies will last longer in the water and will not dissolve when you drop the hook in the water.


Carbohydrate gives instant energy to carp fishes. And what better than bread as bait can be to provide them with the much-needed carbohydrate. On top of that, bread is easily found and costs low as well.

Use Bread to catch fish
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You do not even need any preparation for turning to fish bait. Just take a lump of it and put it in the hook. Without a doubt, the easiest bait of them all.

Live Worms

Live Worms Carp Fishing Baits
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Are there any fish which don’t like live worms to eat! A moving being always interests the fishes. Why will carps be any different, they are after all part of the Chordata Phylum. When the live worms move on the hooks, those attract the carps to the maximum, and the next moment, you get your menu for dinner.


Maggots Fishing Baits
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Maggots are common fly larvae. Though hard to find and pretty disgusting to use, these are carp fishes’ top favorite. These are just like worms, glossy, slippery, soft, and move constantly. Secure them in the hook, or put them in the PVA bags, the carps will take the bait for sure.


Use Pellets for carp fishing
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As we already mentioned, carps enjoy oil in their bait. Pellets have oil in them plenty. Pellets are small and round. It’s a mix of different food items like corn, soy, wheat, fishmeal, fish oil, vitamin, and beyond. Trouts and halibuts are the best bait for carps in summer. These small pellets contain as high as 30 percent oil in them.

Artificial Lures

Catch Carps with Artificial Lures
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Carp doesn’t only get lured with live baits or plants and oils. They take artificial lures too. Get some colorful artificial lures like plastic boilies, plastic corns, or a simple spinner, and watch how easily the carp take the bait.


Carp Fishing Baits Pop-Ups
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Cork grain is the main ingredient that makes pop-ups different from the boilies. Otherwise, both are the same type of bait. So, follow the recipe of boilies and add cork grain to it. Then make the round shape balls, and you have your pop-up carp baits. The specialty of pop-ups is that they float in the water, and cork grain is the main reason they float.

Sweet Pineapple

Carp Fishing with Sweet Pineapple
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There is a reason we talked about mixing pineapple essence with corn to lure carps. Carps, like pineapple, especially the sweet ones. If not pineapple, one can try strawberry too, but pineapple is a better choice as it is found easily and not pricey.

Hemp Seeds

Summer Fish baits - Hemp Seeds
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Hemp seeds are carp’s favorite in the summer due to the same old reason. The oil it contains makes it a good bait to catch carp. But you have to prepare hemp seeds before you use it as bait. You will have to soak the seeds for at least 12 hours or a day at max just like you prepare the corn. Then cook the seeds and use them as bait. If you want, you can mix hemp oil into it too. But that is optional.

Micro Water Snails

Micro Water Snails - fishing baits
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Micro water snails are rich in salt. These are small and have a crunch to it. Carps love baits that are not too hard, not soft, and are crunchy. These snails don’t need cooking and can be used to lure just like worms, insects, and maggots. But collecting these micro water snails will require some elbow grease. To make it easier for you, let us inform you that these micro water snails can be purchased from shops. So do not bother finding micro water snails. If you are not getting these in any shop, you have all the above baits to try.

There are a dozen more bait for luring carp fishes other than the above. No wonder we concluded right at the start that carps eat everything. From live bait to basic food, fruits, and seeds to some hard to get baits, carps can be a big foodie. So, which one you found interesting to lure the carps in the pond or river near you, please do not wait and try it at once.

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