Basic Tips To Prepare For Big Carp Fishing

When fishing is your passion and hobby, you never stop. From sitting beside a lake for hours without catching any fish to catching the small fishes, then getting better at it and catching fishes, small or bigger, in less time, the journey is different every interval. The search for something new never ends, and every new day, you end up craving for more fishes or bigger catches. Carp fishing has to be one of the most exciting of angling experiences an angler can ever have. The reason is the specimen itself. It puts up a fight, it’s not too hard to get, and in most cases, you can try carp fishing in lakes, rivers, or ponds right near you. So, carp fishing is something that doesn’t bore you. It lets you enjoy and succeed.

Big Carp Fishing
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Big Carp Fishing

The journey of angling takes a turn every day. One day or the other, you are going to get up and realize today is the day to fish a big carp. And in that case, the challenge is the hardest for you. The fight will be intense, and you will have to be well prepared. That is why no angler can claim that the first fish they have angled is a big mouth carp. The stages you cross, the practice a big carp fishing requires, don’t result in one day.

All the angling you did work as an experience for you to catch the giant carp. When it comes to sharing tips to something, it mostly ends up in sharing personal experiences. It’s a matter that is subjective; everyone will have different encounters and will have something drastically different to share as tips. We are here with some essential but fundamental, simple tips to catch the big brutes. We attempt to help you prepare mentally and by character. You will need to hone some of your inner virtues too. Get ready for some philosophical talks.


Patience is a virtue. It is really. Because a carp fish is not a lazy specimen, it is continually roaming everywhere. Once you have noticed it in a spot, the next moment it vanishes from there. It is too intelligent as a fish also. Luring it will not be easy. In hindsight, as carp fishes are not sluggish unless it’s winter, you will get them in abundance roaming everywhere. So baiting and angling them is easy if you can patiently keep an eye on the target.

Impatience is not something that works for fishers or an angler. There will be days when you will sit with the best of tools and baits and the best spot for carps possible, yet you will return empty-handed. If you are impatient and restless, you will get bored and annoyed, perhaps will lose interest too soon. And big carp fishes are not something that is too many in a water body.

You will have to be meticulous and persevering to get one. It could take a month, who knows, be patient, and enjoy the whole process. It’s unfair to angling if an angler only enjoys the very moment when the fish takes the bait and is finally hooked. The wait before, the efforts prior, the feeling in that very moment and the happiness, satisfaction right after that, every second of it matters.

Find And Scan The Spot

Carp fishes can be in every lake, river, or pond near you. But when it comes to big carps, you might not be fortunate. You will have to do thorough research of the places that have big carp fishes available to angle. Also, it is never enough to know the name and find out the location to reach there. Angling never happens like that. You will have to observe the spot from every corner possible. So first, start with analyzing from home. All the information you get from the web, gather it, and read it thoroughly. Make notes, if possible, talk to some people who know about that place better. Then, if possible, give a day or two for scanning and recce the location.


Just throw some bait in the water to see what type of fish are taking those. Are those big carp fishes or some other species? Note whether there are too many or just a few. If you are lucky to have lured a big carp fish by scanning the spot, choose the target. An angler will have a sharp sight. You will know your fish among a lot many. Target that one specifically and notice what is making it interested in your baits. It will be pretty challenging but follow that very carp closely. It is your bullseye, and you will have to hit it after a lot of observations and measurements.


Carps love boilies. So, give them some to allure them. Now, do not be a spoilt sport and feed them small boilies. They are big carps, have big mouths and appetite, and need bigger boilies to attract. The larger the boilies, the better chances of big mouth carps taking the carp bait. Go with at least 24mm boilies, and you can go past 40mm if you want.

The Sharpest Hook, The Sturdiest Rod, And The Strongest Line

The big carps are almost giants. So no ordinary fishing line, rods, reels, or hook will be able to hold that when it is going to challenge you by putting up a huge fight. When you are attempting to catch carp fishes, you must not be a noob anymore. You have much experience, we believe. So you know how the fishing tools work as an investment for the exciting times you pass while fighting with a giant fish. For the best big carp fishing experience, you must get the best tools possible. Sturdy is all you need from every part of your fishing rod to tackle the big carp and get it.

Be Confident

Many a time, even the most skilled anglers think that they are not ready yet to catch the carps. It is weird to think that experience couldn’t muster up some confidence in them. But it happens. Without confidence, one can never take the first step. You might be confident in angling smaller carps and other fishes, perhaps in one specific location, and a new site dips your confidence down. But prepare yourself by telling yourself that experiences of all the angling you did, all the knowledge you have, and all the information you will gather with analyzing will be more than enough to get your first big carp, no matter how big, mighty it is. Try and wait for your confidence and experience to speak for you.

It’s not always the techniques that make you the best angler; you need to hone the inner virtues you have. Add the techniques, tools, and the relentless practice, your big carp fishing journey will be an experience of a lifetime.

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