What Size Braid for Baitcaster

Decided to buy a baitcaster reel for the first time or switch from other lines to braid? Now you are confused about what size braid for baitcaster you should use. For someone who is new to this product and switching from a regular spinning reel or other lines, this is a common question. 

Baitcaster reel is definitely an upgrade from the regular spinning reel. It gives you more accurate casts and makes your casts gentler. But for the best result, you need a baitcaster with a braided line of the perfect size for your situation. And the perfect size depends on various factors.

So, it is not a one-sentence answer to what size braid you should use for your baitcaster reel. But we will discuss this matter from all perspectives. And you can make your decision with all the necessary information. Let’s start then. 

When To Use Braid For A Baitcaster?

let’s know when you should use braid for a baitcaster.

To catch big targets

If you decide to fish targets you cannot go wrong with braids. Because big fish don’t give up that easily and they are going to run out your line. So, you are most likely to lose the catch as it might break the line. But with a braided line, you can let the fish run for a while without breaking the line. 

To fish topwater 

As a braided line doesn’t sink like the fluorocarbon ones, it is great for topwater fishing. You can keep the lure on top of water naturally. And braided lines are tough enough to endure any tangling caused by obstacles near the surface.

To fish deep water

Deepwater fishing definitely requires strong fishing lines and also heavy gear. But still, a braided line is a great option for this type of fishing. Because even when a lot of lines are out the lure can be kept at a particular place. Braided lines have no stretch which is an advantage in this case.

To fish around obstacles

If you are fishing around a lot of obstacles, braids are the best option for you. It can take a lot more pressure without breaking than monolines. And also, it can withstand any tangling with obstacles like weeds or tree branches, or even rocks better. 

To fish with light tackle

While fishing with light tackle, you want to use the best possible lightweight gear to give the fish a fighting chance. And what is better than braided lines in this case as it is the lightest line out there. You just need to use a strong reel and good rod to have a great light tackle fishing experience.  

What Size Braid for Baitcaster?

Now let’s see what size braid you should use for baitcaster for different types of water.

For freshwater

If you are using braided lines in your baitcaster the size depends on many things. Braided lines are perfect for freshwater fishing in lakes, rivers, or ponds. But the size depends on various factors like the clarity of the water and the type of your fishing.

If the water is clear

In clear water, the visibility of the braided line is an issue. You might want to attach a fluorocarbon line at the end. This makes it easier to catch fish in clear water. For this combination, you can use a 30 lb. braided line with a 20 lb. fluorocarbon line. This should guarantee you a great fishing line for freshwater

What Size Braid for Baitcaster
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If the water is not clear

In this kind of situation like when you are fishing in a pond slope the water is not clear, braided lines are great to use. You don’t have to be concerned with the visibility of the line in this type of water. So, you don’t have to add any other type of line with it. You can use 50 lb. Braided line in this type of case. 

In general 

For freshwater fishing using baitcaster with braided lines, the rule is the heavier the line is the better. Braided lines are good for bass fishing, topwater fishing. And in these kinds of fishing 30 lb, the braid should be a perfect size for baitcaster.

For saltwater

Braided lines are good for use in saltwater although they are best known for freshwater fishing in lakes, rivers, or ponds. The salt and the sun don’t damage the braided line. You can use 20 lb. Or 30 lb. depending on how far you want to cast. You can hope to get 60 lb. Of breaking strength on a braided line that has the same diameter of 30 lb. Monofilament.

What is the right diameter line for baitcaster? 

Now the diameter of the fishing line has its particular advantages and usage. And depending on the diameter of the line the amount of line you can store on the spool will vary. A thinner diameter means a longer line can be stored and a thicker diameter means a shorter line can be stored.

So, it depends on you what is the factor of importance for you. If you need a longer line you can go with a thinner meaning smaller diameter line for your baitcaster. Which you would like to do when you are going deep-water fishing. But at the same time, the thinner line is more prone to breakage.

And if you want to fish around obstacles like stones, you would want a thicker or bigger diameter line. Thicker lines are less likely to break and come off the spool easier. But at the same time, you can store fewer lines on the spool. So, you have to consider all the aspects.

But the thing is you won’t find lines in the market sold by their diameter. They are sold by their weight. And different weights can come with different diameters. Usually, monofilament lines come in 8-12 lb. sizes. We recommend the 8 lb. size. And if you go fluorocarbon or braided lines the weight and the diameter will be different. You have to choose the right one for you.


Still got some questions? Check the section below.

What test braid should I put on my baitcaster?

It would depend on your situation and the type of fishing you are intending to do. And most importantly if the water is clear or not. If you are fishing in clear water, use a 30 lb. test braid and add a 20 lb. test fluorocarbon lines with it. But if you are fishing in unclear water, you can use 50lb. test braid. 

Is braid easier to cast on a baitcaster?

Oftentimes, braid is considered to be the best line for baitcasters. But it depends on the right type of braids. But for the easiest cast on a baitcaster it might not always be a braid. Monofilament lines are going to be best for beginners to cast on a baitcaster. Mono is heavier than braid and you will be able to avoid backlashes.

What line should I use on my baitcaster?

Braided line is considered to be the best line for baitcasters oftentimes. But you have to find the best braid for the right purpose. But baitcasting is great with monofilament or fluorocarbon lines too. You would like to choose braid over 20 lb. and anything else over 10 lb. for baitcasting. And you are good to go.


As a beginner in baitcaster fishing, you now have an idea what size braid for baitcaster you should use. Of course, the answer is rather vague and always depends on your particular situation. If the situation changes the factors change and the size of the braid should be adjusted accordingly. 

But you now have all the information to make the right decision on this matter. Depending on where and the type of water you are fishing in, the size of the braid will vary. Also, if you need a thinner or thicker line the size will vary depending on that. So, make the right decision considering all the factors.

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