What Size Test Line for Bass Fishing?

The fishing line is the twine wrapped on the spool going through the loops of the fishing rod. It is a fishing line’s end where you tie the fishing hook, and when the fish takes the bait, you basically pull the fishing line. So naturally, fishing lines are sturdy and not very easy to break.

However, it can break if you do not understand the concept of pound test, line test, or test line. This concept refers to the relation between the size of the fishing line and the fish’s weight. These are deeply interrelated. It’s the strength that the line shows holding a fish while you are angling.

So you will need to know what type of fishing line will be able to catch how much weight of a fish without breaking the fishing line.

Basic Example

Using a long, sturdy braid fishing line, has only half to do with the successful holding of a big fish. The rest half entirely depends on its line test. So let’s spell it straight with an example. If you are catching a 15lbs bass fish, then only a 15lbs fishing line could hold up the fish pulling the line without breaking. That means using a 15lbs line while angling and a 16-20lbs fish taking the bait will end up breaking the line. No matter how sturdy or well made, it is. It is simply not meant for holding more weight than its pound test.

So, that brings us to our main topic.

What Size Test Line for Bass Fishing?

Bass is common and favorite for many anglers. It is easily available in many areas yet challenging to catch. So the anglers enjoy angling it. These are high in demand among the food lovers too. So, let’s talk about the test line for bass fish.

What Size Test Line for Bass Fishing?
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Choosing The Correct Test Line

Bass fishing directly refers to the popular gamefish we all recognize. We are talking about the North American wonder, Black Bass. Be it largemouth or smallmouth black bass, spotted or Sand Bass, each one is angler’s favorite. So if you want to enjoy angling black bass, you will have to get the correct test line.

The First Factor – Fishing Line Type

Choosing the test line depends on a few factors. The first has to be the type of fishing line. In our opinion, the braid fishing line is the best to catch black bass. No matter how small, large, or heavy the bass is, braid fishing line works.

The braided line simply doesn’t stretch. Not stretching ensures an easier hook set. So the bass will take the bait and at once get trapped due to the hook in its jaw. It is thin, easy to cast, and its nature and strength cover a far distance in one single flick and throw of the line.

Though more expensive than other fishing lines available like monofilament and fluorocarbon fishing lines, it is worth it. Because a 30lbs braid fishing line’s diameter is equal to a monofilament fishing line of 8lbs, that actually means you are not only using the best of the best but also using the most length of it. With an 8lbs test line, you can only catch an 8lbs bass. You cannot get any that’s over 8lbs.

But with a 30lbs test line, you can definitely try luring the heaviest and largest black bass possible. Many anglers are known to reel up their spools with up to 80lbs braided test lines on the spinning as well as bait casting rods. But for bass fishes, you do not need that high range of test lines. So, the bottom line remains, whenever you are fishing a black bass, make sure to choose the braid fishing line.

The Second Factor – Fishing Area

After you got your braided line, time to give a thought to the area you are going to lure the bass. Now bass fish are not found randomly lurking everywhere. And you do not know what type of bass fishes are wandering in the body of water you choose. First, try to get to know about the area and the bass fish that are there in that particular domain. The test line entirely depends on the weight of the bass found in that specific area. So it is essential.

Test Line For Average Bass

If there will be bass fishes that are not heavy, suppose 6-8lbs, then you will need a test line that is just 6-8lbs. To stay on the safer side, as none can predict and calculate the specific weight of all the bass lurking in the water, angler, prefer using a 10-12lbs test line.

So for fishing small, lightweight, to average bass, you need a braid fishing line of 10-12lbs. You can also use a monofilament fishing line. For average size bass and random angling adventure, trying monofilament is fine.


Now let’s come to the final and most important part of our discussion, which is participating in tournaments and catching the gamefish. Here you need to capture large, heavy black bass at a long distance. Heavy black bass means it will weigh nothing less than 18-20lbs. You can consider black bass that weighs 15lbs and over as big game fish, though.

Test Line For Gamefish

For catching a heavy black bass, as heavy as 20lbs, you will need a 20lbs braid fishing line. In this case, we do not prefer or suggest monofilament lines. Because you will need both strength and accurate casting at a long distance along with the sturdiness and low weight, and all these you can expect and acquire only from a braided fishing line.

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So, what do you think was the estimation easy? Frankly, if the formula is as easy as the weight of black bass, being equal to the test line, then you have to admit that it is not complicated to understand. A little bit of calculation and permutation and you get the perfect sized test line for bass fishing.

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