Are Peacock Bass Good to Eat?

Peacock bass is one of the most delicious fish for fish lovers. Due to their less oil and health benefits, a lot of people eat this fish often. If a fish isn’t tasty enough, people must stop eating it despite its huge usefulness. So, are peacock bass good to eat?

The answer is positive. Its flesh tastes sweet and has a mild flavor. You can properly enjoy the taste because of the absence of excessive bone. Peacock bass is good to eat because their meat contains a less fishy smell.

Fishing peacock bass isn’t either easy or hard. By following some tricks, you can easily catch peacock bass. However, to make a delicious meal with this fish, you have various cooking options like grill or fry. For the convenience of newbies, here is the recipe for preparing a dish with this fish. 

Are peacock bass good to eat?

People who are new to tasting peacock bass have confusion in their minds. They doubt- are peacock bass good to eat? Once they get introduced to its mild flavor and sweetness, their tongue becomes blessed. A normal fishy flavor helps to increase the taste of peacock bass properly. 

Are Peacock Bass Good to Eat?
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Its meat is white-colored, has a great texture. The fiber is friendly to teeth and so, you get a meat flavor from here. The taste will vary depending on the cooking method. If the fish is fried, it won’t appear with its raw fishy flavor. To get the real taste of its meat, you should try the boiled peacock bass. Taking this fish as a side dish will also introduce you to a new taste. 

What are the health effects of eating peacock bass?

Eating peacock bass comes with various positive impacts on the human body. It helps to boost the immune system of a body on a larger scale. All of its parts contain huge minerals like manganese, phosphorus, and others. An 85-gram fillet of peacock bass serves 76.5 mg sodium. 

These materials are beneficial for building stronger teeth and bones. Anyone can get 6-11% of potassium of his or her daily need from this fish easily. However, it’s full of different types of fatty acids. It’s possible to get 4.02 grams of dietary fats from three ounces of peacock bass. 

Peacock bass comes with the mega-3 fatty acid like other sea basses. Their EPA and DHA fatty acids are essential for the improvement of health conditions. Besides, they provide huge protein along with healthy fats. An 85 gram of peacock bass serves 124 calories which is great as a fish item. 

What are the negative effects of peacock bass?

The peacock bass with low mercury isn’t a threat to the human body. But, the presence of mercury in greater amounts is a true matter of concern. Besides, some people aren’t used to the fishy taste of the peacock bass. For them, eating this fish may create vomiting issues. If the peacock basa isn’t injured or diseased, then it’s completely safe to eat. 

What is the best bait for Peacock Bass?

Peacock bass gets attracted by the live fish. Using fish-imitating lures is also popular nowadays. It’s proved that using this type of lures is more effective than using fake worms.

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Peacock bass is fond of natural-colored baits. You can also use their favorite bluegill and mosquito fish as bait.

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But, it’s an expensive option as well as industrious. Due to their slight aggressive behavior, you should go for the fake fish bait. 

How to fish peacock bass?

Fishing peacock bass isn’t extremely difficult. But, you need to follow some tricky methods as they’re agile. Here are the right steps to fish peacock bass. 

Step:1- Find out the habitat

Finding the exact habitat is your first duty. As they prefer freshwater areas, you should shortlist your desired locations first. Next, assume the shallower part of the water as the habitat of peacock bass. 

Step:2- Prepare the right bait

The bait type depends on the condition of the water. If it’s muddy, you need to use crankbait. You can also use plastic crayfish, frogs, and other small animals.

Step:3- Catch the fish

Wait gently and keep the bait moving naturally. Once a peacock bass is interested in your bait, it’ll fall into the trap. In case you don’t want to lose the hunt, use the best rod with a good length. 

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How do you cook Peacock Bass?

Cooking peacock bass is possible in multiple recipes. Here, we’ll elaborate on how to cook peacock bass fry. 


  • 2 pounds peacock bass
  • Fish fry mix (1 packet)
  • Vegetable oil (1-2 gal.)

Cooking process

  • Wash the fish properly and cut them in right-sized fillets. Put some hits on the fillets to enter the spices inside them perfectly. 
  • Mix the mixture with the fillets using your hands. In the meantime, you can put some oil in a pan.
  • When the fillets are nicely mixed, the oil must be boiled. Put the fillets in the oil and fry for several minutes. 
  • Increase the temperature up to 375 degrees and keep frying. You need to stop when you find the fish is crispy enough. After that, you can serve delicious peacock bass fry. 


Have some questions on the taste of peacock bass? Here are some related questions along with the relevant answers. 

Are Peacock Bass freshwater or saltwater?

Peacock bass is freshwater fish. They grow rapidly in the acidic blackwater of Amazon. The warm environment in freshwater is the most preferable state for this fish. Peacock bass also can exist in the area with brackish water, but their growth may hamper. 

Are Peacock Bass native to Florida?

No, peacock bass are native to Florida. They were introduced to various places in Florida in 1984. Cultivating peacock bass is much easier than other bass fishes. They grow rapidly in freshwater and Florida has a lot of freshwater canals. So, someone may misunderstand its origin. 

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Where does Peacock Bass live?

Peacock bass is mainly found in the Amazon area. But, most people love to get them from the south of palm beach county. They prefer staying in the warmer and medium-shallow waters. From pond to the lake, anywhere suitable with freshwater is their dwelling place

Are peacock bass invasive?

Yes, the recent opinions express that peacock bass are invasive. Due to ecological imbalances and other reasons, their existence is under threat. It’s proved that peacock bass can be raised successfully with Oscars in freshwater areas. So, they’re introduced as invasive in some of the selected areas. 


All kinds of bass fishes taste good and are edible in various ways. Peacock bass is appreciable for its extraordinary taste and nutrient benefits. It’s beneficial for the development of the organs of the human body. People have a confusion- are peacock bass good to eat? 

Their confusion arises as they have experienced the fishy smell from other fishes before. This peacock bass also has a fishy flavor but it’s not at an extreme level. After preparing and cooking it appropriately, a new taste appears. 

Cooking peacock bass won’t be a matter of trouble for newbies anymore. By following the depicted method, they can taste this fish for the first time. Taking improperly washed or injured peacock bass is prohibited due to health concerns. Otherwise, you can take it often after catching them from freshwater sources using the best bait.

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