Is Amberjack Good To Eat? A Good Choice or Not!

Fishers and novices come across all kinds of fish. However, amberjack is one of those fishes that divide the fishing community into opposite ends. 

If you have ever asked someone if amberjack is good to eat, chances are you will get mixed responses. The reason is this fish is often infested with parasitic worms. However, amberjack can be pretty delicious if you know what to do with it. 

The subtle flavor of the fish makes it a great addition to your kitchen and you would just love the mouth watering taste of this amazing fish too.  

Often people debate about whether amberjack is good to eat. So, keep on reading to see this debate being settled once for all.

Is Amberjack Good To Eat?
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What Kind of Fish is Amberjack and What’s Their Buying Cost?

Amberjack is a colorful fish with a yellow line running from its mouth to its tail. Although no fishermen ever make it a point to hunt amberjacks, chances are you will catch one as they are abundant in the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico. 

Moreover, amberjacks are one of the fastest-growing fish in the ocean and can go up to a whopping 142 pounds. There are many varieties of this fish available throughout the oceans. The Atlantic is famous for the greater amberjack productions, whereas the yellowtail and Almaco Jack are found in abundance in the Pacific. They belong to the Carangidae family and prey on crustaceans and squids.

Moreover, these fishes come in a variety of sizes. The medium-sized ones usually taste the best and often, the flavor of the fish changes with its size. Amberjacks are not popular fishes, but if you catch one, instead of throwing it out, try it out, and there are chances you’ll love it. 

You can easily get this fish in online stores and also in any nearby market. However, the cost usually varies with the size of the fish, but the general price is usually $12 each pound. So, ensure that when you buy any of such fish you have a proper idea of the size.  

What Does Amberjack Taste Like and Can You Eat Amberjack?

People who try amberjack for the first time are in for a pleasant experience. Amberjacks have a subtle flavor that tastes like a mix between tuna and mahi-mahi. For people out there who love tuna and mahi-mahi, you will simply love this amazing fish.

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Amberjack has a very versatile texture. If you have not tried amberjack yet, the texture is similar to a steak with large flakes but comparatively juicier. The meat is quite firm which means you can cook it anyway.

Moreover, it will be a perfect fit for people looking for a fish with low-fat content. The nutritional values are also quite good for people with heart diseases as it is pretty lean.

Is Amberjack Good to Eat? 

Yes, you can eat amberjacks, and if you do it properly, you might want to try it again. Hundreds of amberjacks have been kicked out of fishing boats simply because people do not know whether amberjacks are edible or not.  

Amberjacks have not gained popularity over the years like other fishes. This is because these fishes often contain parasitic worms around the tail region. After catching amberjack, the first thing that you should do is check the tail. 

As the fish contains worms, it is vital to clean and cut the fish properly. The parasitic worms are visible, so you do not have to be an expert to understand whether the fish is edible or not. If you see any worms on the fish, it is best to toss them out into the sea. However, you can also opt to cut out the entire tail because the tail is all tendons and no meat, even without the worms.

Therefore, ensure you cut the tail off and remove all the bloodlines. Although worms only appear near the tails, it is best to check the fish’s gills as well. 

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How to Prepare and Cook Amberjack?

People shy away from amberjacks, so they do not know how to properly prepare or cook the fish. And if you want to enjoy the fish, you should gut the fish and clean it properly.

Before you do anything, you will first need to check if there are any worms. Do not clench your stomach at the sight of worms because amberjacks usually contain worms.

Begin by removing the fins and then scale the fish. Afterward take your knife and make a clean cut from the stomach along the head to open the belly. Carefully remove the guts and the head.

Running the knife from the prominent bone and facing up the front side incurs the rear. On both sides of the fish, cut straight through it from the tail to the head, directly to the center. Keep your knife at the same angle and cut the belly to remove the fillets.

Do not forget to remove the bloodlines, and you can cut the fillets into steaks or bite-sized chunks.

Cooking Methods for Amberjacks

Amberjacks is one of those fishes that you can cook in any way. If you are a beginner at cooking with fish, you can opt for amberjacks. 

The best way to cook this fish is by marinating them for some time and putting it down on the grill. You can whip up a quick marinade using essential ingredients such as red wine vinegar, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, and garlic cloves. Do not forget to add salt and pepper as well.

Let your fish fillets soak into the marinate for at least an hour. Meanwhile, start your grill and preheat it to medium-high heat. Add your fish and cook it for a minimum of five minutes until the meat is tender and falls apart quickly.

How to Catch Amberjacks?

Amberjacks often hit the nets when fishers hunt big fish like tuna, sharks, and barracuda. Moreover, these fishes are littered across the entire ocean as the lesser amberjacks usually stay around reefs, bridges whereas the greater amberjacks prefer deep water.

Moreover, these fishes are pretty strong, and they are game fishes. This giant fish is not an easy catch, so you have to be fully prepared if you want to make a catch. 

  • Baits are important. Amberjacks are not picky fishes which means if they are in the mood, you can lure them easily with live baits. As they are predators, the movement and smell of live baits will surely attract them. Squids and cuttlefish are the best baits for such predators. 
  • As amberjacks can get quite big, it can be pretty tricky to haul amberjack into your boat. The trouble begins once they take on the bait.
  • If you want to catch amberjack successfully, you have to be ready to use some muscle power. Once you have safely pulled it into your boat, get ready to feast on it.

Health Benefits of Amberjacks

Amberjacks have appealing benefits. Here’s why:

  • A good source of Omega 3 and fatty acids
  • Helps with gastrointestinal disorder
  • It contains essential minerals such as potassium
  • Has Vitamin A and D, which is vital for the eyes and bones
  • Very low-fat content

However, there are some health risks as well. This is because amberjacks have a high level of mercury that can be an issue for your health. 

Bottom Line

Amberjacks are versatile fish that are amazingly delicious. However, they might not be a staple in everyone’s kitchen, unlike tunas and barracudas, but you can change it around if you like the way it tastes.

So the next time you have an amberjack at your sight, do not hesitate to try it out so that you can have a new taste added to your taste buds!

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