When Does Petco Restock Fish?

Petco is a well-known pet retailer shop and health and wellness company in San Diego, United States. If you are wondering when Petco get their fish restocked, well, to be honest, we have noticed some work at Petco.

We have noticed there is no shipment at a specific time; they don’t follow any particular routine for the Petco stores all over the country. Each store gets the shipment on a different schedule, or sometimes they get the shipment on a set day of the week.

When Does Petco Restock Their Fish?

Petco doesn’t follow any regular shipment for their stores across the country. We have seen some stores in Oklahoma get their fish restocked on Wednesday; some days, they get the shipment on Friday. It also happens for most of the stores across the country.

When Does Petco Restock Fish?
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But the shipment mainly depends on particular fish, whether the fish is fresh and it is in stock. For example, if Petco says betta fish is in stock in a reasonable amount and the fish is in good health, they won’t take any extra orders for betta fish in the running week.

So, if you want any particular fish, we recommend you go to your local Petco store and ask them about your desired fish and check whether it is in stock since the supply of fish mainly depends on demand and the vendor.

Betta Fish, And When Does Petco Restock Them?

Well, to be honest, there is no definite answer to them. It varies from store to store and ask the manager before you make a buy. Usually, betta fish are restocked around as soon as per week. One thing you should know is Petco never overload its fish tank.

As in the Petco prospects, fish are among the hottest items for sale if the corporate is ready to cycle fairly effectively with the fish inventory.

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Can You Return Fish To Petco?

Although you can return fish to Petco with the buying receipt, the return policy varies between saltwater fish and freshwater fish. If you buy freshwater fish, it can be returned within 3o days with a receipt, and you will be refunded fully to the original form of tender.

But as a matter of fact, any fish returns or refunds cant be offered on Live Fish and invertebrates. If you have any live fish or invertebrates, you cant return them to any Petco stores.

In the case of saltwater fish, you can return them within 14 days from the date of purchase. Petco’s 14 days return policy also applies to dead fish. Just make sure you have the receipt with you or have the purchase checked up by the store. Otherwise, they won’t refund you for the fish.


Question: Can I return a dead fish to Petco?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to return a dead fish to Petco. According to their return policy, they will offer you a refund for fish if you return it to them alive within 3o days from the date of purchase, and they will put the fish on the market. They will offer a refund or a swap deal for fish if you return it dead within 30 days. If you buy freshwater aquatic fish, they are guaranteed to live for 3o days after you bring them to your house; otherwise, Petco will offer a refund to you.

Question: What is the shipment cost of Petco?

Answer: All though, the shipment charge of Petco is relatively low compared to their rival Petsmart. The good thing is there is no additional hidden charge for shipping. So, Petco is the name you can you’re your trust.

Live fish Subtotal Shipping Cost
Up to $59.99 $30.00
$60.00 to $174.99 $35.00
$125.00 or more Free shipment

Suppose you don’t receive your shipment during the mid-week. You can ask them for a Saturday delivery that will cost you an extra $12.50 dollar per order.


If you want your fish to be fresh and sound, you should ask your nearby store before making a purchase. All though there is no such incident of Petco delivering rotten fish. However, there is no definite schedule for their shipment; different stores have different times for restocking the fish. Generally, the shops get their shipments on Wednesday. So, make sure to purchase around that time.

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