What Size Reel for Kayak Bass Fishing?

The success of catching freshwater fishes depends on the spinning reel. They come in a wide range of sizes so that the users can pick what he/she needs. We like to mention that you cannot expect the same outcome with various reels.

If you don’t have proper idea about pros and cons of different bass fishing spinning reels, dive into the next part. You have mainly five choices, and each of them has some advantages and disadvantages as well.

What Size Reel for Kayak Bass Fishing?

1000 (10)

A small number means the reels are more lightweight and tiny. Due to the higher weight, it offers sufficient user control with improved sensitivity. You will feel less stress on your hand while using them. And the best part is, they are suitable for capturing all-sized fishes.

Despite their smaller structure, they provide enough strength and support while getting fishes. But they also have some drawbacks. They feature less spool capacity. As a result, they can be more likely to be tangled. You may fail to retrieve the bass fishing test line quickly like the other bigger reels.


These reels are lightweight and therefore cause less strain on your joints. If you prefer long-time fishing, they can be an ideal pick. They are compatible with 6′ to 7’5″ long rods. No matter if you choose a monofilament or braided line, they will work great. Another plus point is, they deliver more user control than the immediate larger models. But they lack versatility, which we can get from 2500(25) reels. They are not made for fast actions.

What Size Reel for Kayak Bass Fishing?


Their ultimate versatility is the key reason for their popularity. The majority of the anglers use them for bass fishing because of some benefits. First of all, they are not too large to cause wrist pain but big enough to support a wider spool of fishing lines than the smaller models.  You can extend them as per need without tangling. After pairing them with almost 7′-size rods, monofilament, and braided lines, they will give excellent results. Once you buy one, you no longer spend money on other reels for years.


These large reels utilize bigger spools, which is the main requirement for professional bass fishing. They enable the fishers to cast the line farther with maximum efficiency.  Pair them with 7′ long rods, braided line or monofilament line, and go for fishing. They will save your time and effort as the lines will not tangle at all. But if you are not comfortable at handling large and heavy carp fishing gears, you should skip them. They may not be perfect for beginners because of having less experience of using them. The heavyweight can lead to a sharp pain in the hand joints.


They are a wise selection for the anglers who love fishing on large water sources. They are robust, durable, and even support 10-feet long rods. They can also be paired with heavier monofilament and braided lines. You can cast them in distant spots and reel in immediately when needed. You can catch big freshwater fishes using them. As you can assume, they are heavy and may not be appropriate for all, especially the newbies.

As you know, the details of 5 various types, think carefully and choose wisely.

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