What Size Motor for 16 Foot Aluminum Boat?

An aluminum boat is a useful thing for you if you are a fishing lover and like to participate in such games. 

However, every part of the boat impacts its performance; therefore, a common query of a 16-foot boat user is what size motor for a 16-foot aluminum boat.

The article will tell you what an aluminum boat does and how it functions. Moreover, you will find out the standard motor size for a 16-foot aluminum boat and how it contributes to its functioning. 

What Size Motor for 16 Foot Aluminum Boat?

You already know that an engine-run fishing speed boat will require a motor. So, there must be a specific size range that is standard for use on a 16-foot boat, but what is that? If you consider the horsepower and not the dimensions, you should get a motor of 50-300 horsepower. 

What Size Motor for 16 Foot Aluminium Boat?
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Before knowing the answer, you must know some basic things about an aluminum boat. Those basics will let you know how to choose the best option and why they are the best choice.

It is already mentioned that a 16-foot boat is ideal for fishing, but that is not the only use of such a boat. You may also see its uses for sightseeing among the tourists; people can roam around a lake or a river with it. 

However, you may also use it to cross or reach different islands; a 16-foot aluminum boat is a good choice. 

Many people ask why we should prefer aluminum boats whereas other metal-made water vehicles are around. The answer is pretty simple because aluminum is a protected metal and has fewer chances of catching rust.

Moreover, an aluminum boat is lightweight and easy to ride, at least more than of heavy metal. You can run the boat at a good speed, but be safe if you choose an aluminum boat. It has less risk of sinking unless you pick more people than the boat’s capacity. 

Why a Boat’s Motor Size is Important?

A boat’s motor size impacts the total engine, and you have to consider it due to other factors of an aluminum boat. For example, a 16-foot aluminum boat minimally requires 60 horsepower to run well at a standard speed. That’s why you have to think of the motor’s power while buying it.

On the other hand, there will be specific rooms for the engine and motor that you can’t exceed. However, your motor has to be compatible with the boat, and that depends on the size, of course.

How much speed you want from your aluminum boat is another factor that may help you to select a suitable motor. For example, the expected and allowed speed for a 16-foot boat is nearly 25-30 miles per hour. An 80-100 horsepower motor can provide such speed without any risk of an accident. 

What Other Things Should We Consider While Getting a Boat Motor?

You have to consider a few more things while selecting a motor for your aluminum boat; those are:

Weight Capacity 

The first thing you should consider is the boat’s weight capacity because the motor helps the boat hold the total given weight. The motor should have the power to control the allowed or mentioned weight.

Number of People 

It is also an essential factor that you need to think about before you buy a motor for a 16-foot boat. Without sinking, you can carry more people if you set up a motor with good horsepower.

Engine Speed

The engine speed has to be compatible with the motor, and you have to select such a motor that can meet the minimum engine speed.


You can find yourself a budget-friendly motor for your aluminum boat. However, you must look for a motor that provides good performance but is available at a reasonable price.

Anyway, a 16-foot boat is valuable, and so is its motor. So, you should find a perfect-sized motor for the aluminum boat and ride or maintain it properly.

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