What Size Leader for 20 Ib Braid

Many people use braid as their main fishing line. And there are many benefits to using it. However, some common queries that arise amongst many people are whether or not they should put a leader on the end of their braid. And what size of leader will you need for a 20lb braid. 

Yes, you should put a leader on the end of your braid, and you will need the size of the leader line for different braids. There are many things you must know before a leader at the end of your braid. 

So, after doing deep research, we have found out all the essential information that will help you. 

What Size Leader for 20 Ib Braid?

Quite a several people may not know about a leader. A leader line is a section of line that is used to tie braided fishing line to your hook or lure, and it is also connected to your mainline by either knot or a swivel. 

The purpose of the leader line is to present a bait or lure naturally. And it does it by being invisible underwater. While using a braided line, you must use a leader 90% of the time. 

What Size Leader for 20 Ib Braid
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And as mentioned earlier, for different braids, you will need different sizes of the leader line. Let’s get to know what size you will need for this case. 

So for 20lb, it will be 0.010in. 20lb braid is a popular line choice for people who need to cast long distances. Also, it is an excellent choice for people who need lots of sensitivity to detect bites. 

However, if you go for Monofilament fishing lines, the size of the leader won’t be the same. There is a difference of 38% between monofilament fishing lines and braided lines. 

There is no harm in knowing why it is so important to use a leader line on the end of your braid. Here are all the advantages you will experience if you put the correct size of the leader line on the end of the braid. 

Improve Casting Distance

Improved casting distance will help you to cover more water. And if you are able to cover more cover, then the chances of catching a fish will automatically increase. In short, you will be able to catch a fish in less time. 

More Line On Your Spool

When you are using a 120lb braid, you will be able to put 200 yards on your spool with the correct size of the leader line. Without a leader line on the end of your braid, you will only be able to put 100 yards on your spool. 

Durable and Robust 

We all want that our braid lasts for a longer time. Also, you will want your braid to be strong enough to hold the weight of larger fishes. And the leader line will help you to achieve these things. A handful of people agree that putting the correct size of leader on the end of the braid does make it stronger. So catching bigger or larger fish won’t be a problem for you. 

More Sensitive 

Well, increased sensitivity won’t give you any assurance that you will be able to catch more fish. However, the changes will be more significant, that’s for sure. When you have a sensitive rod, you will be able to feel what’s happening under the water. Also, you will be able to feel the smaller bites a lot better. If you are using a cheaper rod, then putting a leader is necessary. When you use a braid on a cheaper rod, the presence of a leader will make it feel more expensive than it actually is. However, don’t think that it will be the same as an expensive one. 

Last Longer

Using a leader most of the time will indeed cost you more. However, it is better to spend more once. Changing the braid quite a handful of times will cost you even more. It will make it last 2-3 times longer. Moreover, you can use fluorocarbon or monofilament as your leader.

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