What Size Kayak Do I Need?

The kayak is a type of boat that is small and thin; it is mainly used for sports and aquatic racing. Some times a limited number of people consider it to as a canoe. Though various types of Kayak are available in the market, what kind of kayak do you need? It depends on what purpose you use and the size of it. If you broadly classify, the main types of kayaks are – surf plays kayaks, fishing and leisure and tour kayaks often referred to as sea kayaks.

What kind of kayak length do you need? The first thing you want to learn before buying the Kayak is about its length as there have different types of kayak with different length. So it’s really tough to choose the accurate one. Generally, kayaks come in several lengths as they are designed for various purposes and activities. So finding the right length of kayak might be easier if you have decided on the rowing and try it out. So here is guideline which helps to choose the exact Kayak for you.

What Size of Kayak Do You Need?

8-9 Feet Usually, this length of kayak could be the right choice for beginners. Those can easily maneuver on the water, and kids can also row it. In any narrow rivers or streams, it can works entirely because of its tinny length. 10-11 Foot The most common recreational kayak length is 10 feet, and these types of Kayak have easily maneuvered like the fishing boat. Those can store easily as its size is small. Two people comfortably sit on it, so it’s easy for them to transport. 12-13 Foot These types of kayaks are very versatile and can quickly regain balance from the stream.

What Size of Kayak Do You Need?
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Both in touring and recreational yaks; you can find this length. It’s designed for maneuver on oceans to lakes and rivers. 14 Foot The more effective as well as more space you find on 14-foot length kayak. It creates more speed and covering distance also. It provides space for two paddlers who are designed for touring for a long time. It also gives wider hulls and thus can offer you durability for fishing.

What Size Kayak Do I Need For My Height?

What type or size kayak do you need for your height? We see that tall people, over 6 fits should check out a 12-foot recreational kayak or a 14-foot sea kayak. So it depends on the length of the legs; they can go up or down in length from there. So you have to focus on three main things that help you to choose the right size of kayak for you.


  1. The size of person
  2. Legs size
  3. And feet size

Kayaks for Tall People

We see tall people are always looking for the right kayak for their height, and they have a tough time to get it if he is a tall guy. The right size is essential for all paddlers because the height determines your center of gravity when you are on your kayak. And it affects your stability. Tall guys aren’t the only ones who have a tough time finding the right kayak for their height.

Correct sizing is vital for all tall paddlers because your height determines your center of gravity when you sit in your kayak. And that affects your stability. On the other hand, body measurements are equally important to choose a kayak that fits you if you are tall. It is widespread that tall people attempt to have longer legs as well as wider waist or hips. So tall people should consider five things.

  • Overall height
  • Waist width
  • Thigh width
  • Leg length
  • Foot size

When you are going to buy a kayak, you should consider all of these things, especially for tall guys that might be a little bigger in the waist, because those dimensions find out how well your lower body fits inside your kayak. However, there are a lot of kayak that is fete enough for your height and size.

Cockpit Dimensions

Now we are talking about the size sit inside the kayak base on your height because the fit is more critical and forgiving then sitting top kayak. You know sit-inside kayaks have different size cockpits and cockpit openings. Especially tall people need to check a kayak that enables them to enter and exit a kayak easily and comfortably by opening a cockpit.

Cockpit Width

If you have a wider waist and wider hips, then you should choose a kayak cockpit with probably a 20-inch wide opening or more. The accurate cockpit gap width for tall paddlers will depend on hip and waist size. Narrow hips will allow you to slip kayak cockpits but 20 inches wide past. Again, if you’ve got to call yourself, opening the cockpit is perhaps too small for you.

Cockpit Length

The proper cockpit opening will depend upon how long your legs are; not necessarily how long you’re because your overall height doesn’t matter what proportion your legs fit. We know most of the kayak cockpit openings are within 36 and 56 inches long.

However you are tall, short or average, all of you would be able to get in or out of their kayak without their knees banging on the front of the cockpit opening. Usually, tall paddlers have longer legs, so this one thing might be affected them.

Consider Kayak Volume

Most of the kayak manufacturers started including Volume sizing information for the customers to find out how many places they needed inside. Manufacturers describe four-volume ways. Those are—

  1. Law volume: Usually, this Volume is made for those paddlers who are under 140 pounds, and their height is lass then 5’6″. For day trips, they get enough space with minimal gear.
  2. Medium Volume: this is made for average-sized paddlers who are between 140-180 pounds and 5’7 ″ to around 5’10” tall. And this Volume is appropriate for overnight trips.
  3. High Volume: it’s a substantial, spacious volume. So above 180 pounds and taller than 5’10” paddlers can right-sized paddle this Kayak easily. And of course, it is perfect for both day and night trips with essential gear.
  4. Gallons or Cubic Feet: this one is the actual physical space inside the Kayak.

So at the end of Volume it varies confusing to you “Low”, “medium”, and “high” volume labels are supposed to tell you how much room a kayak has. And how much space is relative to how big a paddler you are. Anyway, the volume of kayak is how much it will hold inside it, as well as the important cockpit area.

Leg length and Volume

First of all; you should be concerned that you have seated comfortably inside the cockpit. Then adjust the backrest after sitting up the seat and don’t lean back. Now pay attention to your foot length. Thus your toes and heels should be pointed inward a little bit and bend on your leg also. Don’t worry about your kayak style;

Your Height with Your Comfort Level

You know kayak is one of the sports where you need to sit in or on for a long lime. So being comfortable in a kayak is depends on your height or size that gives you more enjoyment. If you can adjust with the kayak cockpit size for your center of gravity, it will help you to get comfortable.

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Your height and weight isn’t everything to paddle a kayak when it comes to choosing the right sized kayak. Remember to take it, where you are going to ride on or what purposes you will use it. Taking these significant steps will help you narrow down the selection and ensure you have a successful day on the water.

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