What Month is Best for Bass Fishing?

The most challenging thing about bass fishing is they keep swimming constantly. The movement varies from season to season, and so do the scope of catching them.

What Month is Best for Bass Fishing?

Winter Months

During the winter, the basses go to the deepest water as the areas are the warmest there. When the sunlight comes, they migrate to shallower water. Though these months are the most challenging to capture them, you can find them at midday. They like to stay in steep drop-offs at this time so that they can easily switch from deeper to shallow water. So, target these areas if you like sand bass fishing in winter.

Summer Months

When summer comes, the water temperature reaches the highest peak. As a result, oxygen deficiency occurs. Then the bass migrates to the low-depth cool areas from hot places. Also, they stay close to the oxygen-generating vegetation in the shallow water. The chances of catching bass fish are high in the early morning and late evening.

What month is best for bass fishing?
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Spring Months

The bass gets so busy on their reproduction by spawning. Their behavior changes a lot according to the phases of their spawn. Different location choices are made to get the food supply and the warmth. We can mainly spot them in shallow areas. But if the temperature fluctuates, they dive into deep water. Overall, spring is our winner as it provides the most finishing opportunities. We can split the season into three phases:

  • Pre-spawn: Pre-spawn is the early step of spawn. In these months, the water temperature lies within 45-50 degrees. The fish prefer shallow water to recover energy lost during winter and to reproduce. They become available in shoreline points, close to deep parts, and other areas that lead to the spawning places. The best time of such a day is midday because the water temperature becomes the highest.
  • Spawn: This season arrives after the first full moon. The warmth of the river water rises more than 50 degrees. The bass becomes aggressive to protect the eggs and remain in the attacking mood. The fisherman can find their spawning beds on the most secured portions of the lake. They choose the warmest areas where the eggs will be safe from the predators. Try fishing at night because their nocturnal behavior increases then.
  • Post-spawn: After the spawning, they starve for the food because of the energy loss. Therefore, they try to hunt bluegill and other creatures. The temperature starts to increase, which leads them to deep water from shallow water. Using colored baits in the deepwater will give you the best result.

Fall Months

In these times, the water warmth starts to drop. Then the bass moves back to the shallow water that they used to live before spawning. They try to gain weight as the preparation for the lean winter. They keep searching for the baitfish being so aggressive. They usually do it in the early morning and late evening. That’s why this is the most suitable time to capture them.

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