What Kind Of Fish Is Dory?

Dory is a blue pacific fish with yellowtail and black stripes mostly found on the coral ridge. The fish goes by different names: shelf tang, hippo tang, surgeon palette, and royal blue tang.

The scientific name for dory fish is Paracanthurus Hepatitis. It’s an aquatic animal mostly found in the indo-pacific waters and inhabits the warm waters.

You can find the dory fish 2-40 meters deep in the warm water areas or the ocean. A mature dory fish can grow up to 38cm long or up to 14 inches.

An adult blue tang fish weighs approximately 600grams. The males are larger than the female Dory. Mostly, Dory inhabits the corals in groups of 7-15 members.

What Kind Of Fish Is Dory?
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Habitat of dory fish

The blue tang fish thrive in the indo-pacific ocean living in the coral ridges growing along the shores. They are a beauty to behold, which makes them a preference for aquarium lovers.

You can find Dory fish in the coral reefs of Japan, Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and East Africa.

Dory has razor-sharp spines near the tail, which it extends when threatened. They live for 8-20 years.

Dory fish feed on plankton when young and eat algae and other invertebrates to keep the coral ridge well-balanced and healthy.

Coral ridges have herbivorous grass, which controls the algae and creates a healthy environment for cultivating corals. Dory fish depend on these herbivorous grass and the coral ridge structure to hide from predators, bar jacks, tuna, groupers, and more.

The cauliflower coral provides a safe place to hide from their pursuers.

Is it easy to spot Dory fish?

The blue tang Dory fish is predominant in high current warm water zones, with plenty of zooplankton. Therefore, they are easy to spot because of their bright blue coloration.

Naturally, blue tangs have a yellowtail and vibrant blue coloration. Also, the fish as two back lines making them easy to identify. However, at night it looks white with shades of light violet.

The night appearance is because there is no sunlight reflecting the original blue pigment.

Moreover, it has an oval and flat body shape. They are unsociable and travel in large groups when they are nursing. During the mating season, you find them in minor harems containing a male and several females.

How do young Dory fish look like?

When young, blue tang fish have blue spots near the eyes and vibrant bright yellow coloration.

As the fish matures, their color change. The adult Dory fish has white spots on their sides as they age.

Why did filmmakers choose Dory?

It’s the perfect fish for the Dory character because it doesn’t have an identity. The personality traits are similar to the real-life royal blue tang fish, which are free-spirited.

Both the Dory fish Character and the real-life blue tang have identity problems as most people confuse them for other fishes.

Can Dory be a good pet?

The fish requires a large aquarium or expansive tanks, although they have a smooth diet. Besides, dory fish needs experienced aquarists to collect them from the coral crests because they hardly breed in confines. The fish thrive in a competent aquarium.

However, they are better in their natural habitat, where they grace the algae around the corals in the reefs to prevent them from overcrowding, thanks to their large stature. So, it’s best to visit them in their free habitat than try to tape them in a small aquarium at home.

Why did they call the fish Dory?

Dory is a kind of fish with wide eyes, a flat body, and gigantic eyes. Therefore, if you look at the Dory and blue tang, they share similar features. In essence, the blue tang is a type of Dory.

What does Finding Nimo portray about Dory?

In the movie Finding Nemo, Dory helps Marlin find his son, where they undergo adventures in a difficult journey, including escaping sharks. Dory exercised her skills and outgoing behavior to track down Nimo and deliver her to Marlin.

In the movie, Dory embodied certain disabilities but was heroic. The movie provides a teachable moment and comedic relief.

The film is a sequel to another film Finding Dory which explores the origin of Dory and her fuzzy memories.

However, there are falsehoods like the memory loss, perhaps for cinematic or plot purposes, and less about the blue tang. Also, the fun-loving and outgoing behavior the film depicts does not mirror reality.

For instance, if you put two blue tangs together in an aquarium, they become aggressive as they try to exert dominance over the other.

One positive thing about the Finding Nimo film is that it creates awareness about the fish, which drives up sales of blue tang.  

Is Dory and Cream Dory the same fish?

No. Dory is the blue tang, while cream Dory is the Swai. Swais belong to the broad fish category that contains several members like pamgas, pangasius, sushi, basa, striped catfish, and Vietnamese catfish.

It’s called cream Dory because the fish has white flesh with little taste.  Cream Dory absorbs the flavor of the spices or cooking. You can import it from Vietnamese fish farms.

Swai fish is renowned for its white meat and dense flesh with a thickly woven appearance.

Can I eat Dory fish?

Yes, Dory fish is edible and used in several dishes. However, the price depends on the country of purchase and its size. Also, the method of catching the fish and where you buy it from determines the price.

Buying Dory fish from a reputable retailer like Safeway or Whole Foods costs $60 -250/ pound if buying a medium-sized fillet.

However, the blue tang is not very healthy because it tests positive for mercury. You should not consume it in large quantities to avoid health issues. The fish is a good omega-3 fat and protein source. Also, the ish is low on saturated fats, high in lean protein, and has no trans fats.

Is Dory fish similar to tilapia?

Yes. Blue tangs are similar to tilapia in appearance. Tilapia is commonly found in the River Nile and is predominant in Africa. Also, it’s found in the pacific ocean and is commonly called Haemulon.

Should you bring Dory home?

Many millennials love Dory and feel the temptation to bring one home. Dory fish is not bred- for a small aquarium as they need a large space to roam.

The size of your aquarium is the first obstacle. Secondly, taking care of blue tang will be problematic considering the diet and aggressive behavior towards peers.

Most importantly, no scientist has succeeded in breeding them outside the fish’s natural habitat. Also, considering that they mostly live near the equator in warm waters, the changing seasons will do them a disservice.

Considering all these, you are better leaving blue tangs in their natural habitat in the indo-pacific ocean.

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We know what kind of fish Dory is and can identify the fish from the description and habitat information. Also, we know that you can cook it for a healthy diet.

The real-life Dory is aggressive and slightly different from the cinematic Dory. Besides, the fish plays a prominent role in keeping the coral reefs healthy by eating all the algae from the reefs.

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