What is the Best Time to Go Saltwater Fishing?

There is not a single way to find it out, and all you can do is make an educated guess, there are some old and proven wisdom to find out the best time to go saltwater fishing. Learning about them will help you to avoid making any mistakes when going for the very first saltwater fishing. It is likely to reduce your dependency on other people’s guesses.

But as a rule of thumb, you need to pick out the times when fish are more active, and this increases your chance of catching some huge trout or other fish. Also, we have included the best times when the fish tend to be most active no matter where you live.

What is the Best Time to Go Saltwater Fishing?

Morning and late afternoon is the best time during the day.

These are the two best times for saltwater fishing during the day. So what makes the morning one of the best times to go fishing? It is because as the days get warmer, the fish tend to get sluggish. Because they are cold-blooded creatures, you will not find them that much active in search of food during the day.

But during the morning and by morning we mean the earliest of the morning, the water is still somewhat cold. So this makes it an excellent time for catching saltwater fish as these fishes will be looking for food and more likely to grab your bait.

What is the Best Time to Go Saltwater Fishing
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About late afternoon, like in the morning, the fish tend to be quite active during the late afternoon as well. Also, the low light makes it very easy to match the bait colors with the dusky sun and likely to lure the fish quite easily.

Go in fishing the saltwater during the rainy days.

Why did I say rainy days are great for fishing? To inexperienced people, it might seem quite counterintuitive. To some people, it might seem even outright dangerous to suggest going during the rainy days. But it is, in fact, one of the well-kept secrets in the fishing. Because of the increased amount of cold and drop in the temperature, the water tends to be quite cold.

This makes it quite ideal for saltwater fishing and fish to go quite crazy looking for food during colder weather. So even though it is not recommended that you don’t go fishing during heavy rainfall, but you can go fishing right after the rain has finished.

Cloudy weather is good for fishing as well.

Cloudy weather is also considered very good for saltwater fishing. Because the cloudy weather has a few advantages in favor of you, it will increase your chance of catching a good amount of fish significantly.

Cloudy weather causes a low light environment, which is suitable for fishing. The fishes tend to be quite active during a lack of light, and they don’t have any tendency to hide instead of looking for the food during that time.

Look out for the full moons.

Full moons are certainly one of the best times to go saltwater fishing in my experience. Because during the full moon, there will be more gravitational pull into the water.

This gravitational pull of the tide causes stronger currents. It encourages more activity of the fish, and they will be out to hunt food during that time. So have an eye on the full moons to get the best fishing experience of your life.


Is high tide suitable for fishing?

Yes, high tides are generally better than low tides for fishing. It is because there is a connection between the tide and the depth level of water. If it is high tide, there is a good chance you will be able to catch more fish.

Is it best to fish on incoming or outgoing tide?

The incoming tide is better for catching fish because they tend to become more active in search of food during the incoming tide. Due to that, your chance of catching fishes increases significantly.

Is it good to fish at night?

Fishing at night is ideal due to several reasons. Most importantly, there will be fewer fishermen out there, and also fish tend to be very active during the night as well.

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Are you heading over to the saltwater fishing for the first time? You need to understand what are the things that make a particular time in the day or what kind of weather makes it the best time for saltwater fishing. It is way more important than you getting all the gears ready and preparing yourself mentally for catching some big game fish. Otherwise, you go down there only to find that there is not a single fish for you to catch.

But it can be avoided if you gather some knowledge about the most critical weather variables like time of the day or light condition. These determine the best time to go fishing on your particular area or any area which we have covered in detail here.

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