What is the Best Time to Fish for Walleye?

Fishing is fun for some people. To others, it acts as their source of income and also food to some. However, there are challenges that these people face. The biggest challenge is not having the best techniques to fish. I am going to take you through some of the best ways to fish walleye fish.

To become a good fisherman, especially to the walleye fish, there are several questions you should ask yourself. These questions include; what is the best time of the day for walleye fishing? How do you fish them at night? And also, what is the right water for walleye fishing? Now, let us get into details.

What is the Best Time to Fish for walleye?

The best time of the day to catch walleye fish is around very early in the morning and late in the evening. This is a short time before sunrise and after, and also a short time before sunset and after. This is the best time to catch more walleyes. The eyes of the walleyes work well in dark conditions. They can see even in darker nights. Walleyes have eyes that can absorb any available light, and this gives them an advantage over prey that cannot see them.

At most times of the year, big walleye spend their time in deep water. It is not unusual to catch a smaller walleye in shallow waters or points where deep water is far away. It is very rare for fishers without boats to catch big walleye in the daytime as they will be in the deeper water too far from the shores or banks.

What is the Best Time to Fish for Walleye

When it’s almost sunset, large walleyes prefer to move into shallower water. A short time before sunset is when the big of them start feeding. Small fish begin running for the night. Walleye being night time hunters, come into the shallows looking for small fish, which is to their advantage because these small fish cannot see them.

How do you fish for walleye at night?

Fishing at night is the best technique. It is also unique. You catch the large and elusive walleye. Walleye feed in shallow water at night. You can fish off a bank, troll from a boat, or even wade in. Walleye fishers find the best spots for night fishing in narrow entrances or to bays and harbors. Live baits work best at night. Where the minnows are during the day is where the walleye are found during the night. It would help if you also learned the fishing schedule of the walleye to know the best time to strike.

At night you should fish in water not more than 15 feet deep. It would be best if you started at dusk to establish your trolling pattern while still able to see clearly. You should also know that walleye feed up and not deep in the water. At night fish are attracted to light. Use lighted or glowing jugheads.

What is the right water temperature for walleye fishing?

Walleye fish live in water with specific temperatures. The temperature should be about 45 to 52 degrees at about the time of the walleye opener. Look for walleye spawning on hard bottom flats in the northern sections of lakes, which the sun warms first.

The best locations are near rivers and creeks that provide warmer water. Walleyes begin feeding shortly after they lay their eggs. As the water warms from 50 to 60 degrees, they begin moving gradually towards southern structures. The water warms from 65 to 70 degrees range by midsummer, which is the walleye’s preferred temperature range.

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Final Words

To conclude, walleye’s fishing is very interesting if you have what it takes. If you follow the above instructions, you will never come from fishing empty-handed. You will always take home with you the best of the walleye’s fish. Be careful not to injure yourself with hooks.

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