What Is The Best Time For Salmon Fishing In Pulaski NY

Late September through Mid September is the best time for salmon fishing in Pulaski NY. At this time, the leaves start turning and you can feel the crisp breeze in the air. So, you don’t only get the opportunity to catch big salmon fish but also enjoy the paradise look of Pulaski in the fall time. 

Here in this article, we will break down: 

  • The right for catching salmon fish in Pulaski in NY
  • Some popular salmon fishing spots in Pulaski
  • How to catch salmon in Pulaski NY?

So, let’s get started right here. 

Best Time For Salmon Fishing In Pulaski NY

Fall months (September, October, and November) are the right time for salmon fishing. In other words, when the leaves start turning and there is a crisp breeze in the air, it’s the best time for salmon fishing in Pulaski NY. 

What Is The Best Time For Salmon Fishing In Pulaski NY
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The Salmon river gets filled with thousands of anglers from around New York and other states during the fall times (late September through Mid October). You can find barbecues are held to feed both fishermen and visitors. 

People don’t come in this time for salmon fishing only but to come to enjoy the natural beauty of peak foliage. 

Fishing Spots In Pulaski NY:

As you are searching for the right time to go fishing for the first time in Pulaski, we bet you make up your mind to go there. If it will be your first visit there, you (probably) don’t know about the best place or spot to catch salmon fish in Pulaski. 

Here are the most favorite fishing spots near Pulaski:

  • Douglaston Salmon Run
  • Selkirk Shores State Park
  • Salmon River Falls
  • Chimney Bluff State Park
  • Webster Pond 
  • Fox Hollow Lodge

How Do You Catch Salmon In Pulaski NY?

If you are a beginner at catching salmon in Pulaski, this guide is just for you. The set-up you make for fishing in other rivers may not be suitable for catching salmon. So, follow the below steps and prepare yourself correctly to catch Chinook salmon/Atlantic salmon. 

Set-up Your Rod

Get a 10-foot noodle rod. It’s a fly rod, which is just built with a single-foot fuji instead of a snake guide. It’s a spinning rod built on a fly rod blank. Due to its built-in quality, it will allow you to use very light lines. 

We personally run a fly reel for our setup. We just use basic monofilament lines on the fly reel. Generally, we have 12 pounds of lines on our reel. However, you can also use less than this, like 10 or 8 pounds. 

The benefit of having a 10-foot rod is you can drop down a very light line. 

Once you string the line through your rod, it’s time to tie a hook with the line. So, take a hook, especially a size 2 hook, and tie it on with a double polymer. Snelling is also a great way to tie the fishing hook with your line. But the double polymer method is excellent and it doesn’t require so much time. 

Next, the most important part of your setup is going to be the weight. So, you are only allowed to have your split shot 4 feet away from your hook. So, pinch the split shot with a plier and put it directly on your line. You can use three split shots and put them on the line. 

Lastly, put plastic eggs on your hook. You can also use real eggs. Now, you are ready to catch salmon fish in any of the fishing spots (we mentioned) in Pulaski, NY. 

Bonus Tips: How To Hook A Salmon In The Mouth?

Once you set up your rod, it’s time to go to the fishing spots and catch Atlantic salmon/Chinook salmon. In this step, we will share a trick with you to hook a salmon in the mouth.

Salmon actually move upstream with their mouth open. And this is the target area we want the line to go through. Just throw the straight line in front of the salmon. The downstream will bring the line toward the salmon. As the salmon moves upstream with an open mouth, the hook will flush in the mouth of the salmon. 


Pulaski in NY is a popular salmon fishing spot. Late September to mid-October is the best time for salmon fishing in Pulaski. Just visit there in this time frame and entertain yourself by catching big salmon fish. 

We also mentioned some best fishing spots in Pulaski. So, you don’t need to worry about where you find the salmon in there. Therefore, Pulaski is the land of natural beauty. So, you have the opportunity to kill two birds in one stone by enjoying the natural scenery and catching the salmon. 

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