What is the Best Bass Fishing Lake in Tennessee?

Tennessee is a beautiful state with numerous lakes and rivers. It is quite famous for delicious foods, country music, and rare beauty. With clean water, slow-moving lakes, broad rivers, and fast mountain streams, it has always been the center of the fishers’ attraction. Lots of fishing spots offer bass fishing opportunities throughout the year. There are lots of debates on what is the best bass fishing lake in Tennessee. The answer will vary from person to person. In this article, we are about to present the best bass lakes in Tennessee.

8 Top Bass Fishing Lake in Tennessee

  1. Chickamauga

It is the most-rated lake by anglers. This 36,240 acres’ lake is full of bass and other fishes. According to Fish Dayton 2019 reports, 110 big basses were caught, and they weigh more than 10 pounds. And this is only the number of catches reported to authorities; the actual number is way more. Though its severe popularity indicates competition and difficulties, this lake will not disappoint you if you are looking for big fishes. You have to be patient because there are bare spots on chickamauga that are not already visited by ten or more fishing boats. Target the areas with vegetation and shallow wood cover. There are plenty of ledges offering chances of getting heavyweight fishes.

  1. Douglas Lake

It is situated in Dandridge. It covers almost 28,000 acres of water. Along with 513 miles of shoreline, this highly fertile lake has a lot of curves, a mix of rock bluffs, and fishing spots. Overall, it is deep but has many shallow coves as well. They are often used as spawning areas or nursery habitat for fishes. People come to apply different fishing techniques to catch sand bass, gizzard shad, bluegills, and other species. The best thing about this place is you can find both largemouth and smallmouth in the same area. The largemouths are available in all sizes where most of the smallmouths have a medium size. The anglers employ several fishing patterns as the water level keeps changing based on the season.

  1. Pickwick

This lake remains always crowded with people from Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi. It covers 43,100 acres of water full of smallmouth, crappie, largemouth, and spotted species. With shallow ledges, deep ledges, and clean water, it provides fishing opportunities in all months. It always delivers a great chance of getting a big bag of bass if you can beat the other professional anglers, of course. People who love to catch heavier than 8-pound smallmouths should visit the place. Many beginners come here every month to learn about structuring bass, operating boats, and techniques to grab fishes from shallow and deeper depths. Don’t forget to check the weather forecast as the water level can change due to rain in Alabama.

What is the Best Bass Fishing Lake in Tennessee?
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  1. Dale Hollow

It holds 27,700 acres of fish-water in Tennessee and Kentucky. Fishers from all over the world arrive here mainly to get heavyweight smallmouth bass. In fact, this lake has a record of having the world’s biggest smallmouth bass weighing more than 11-pounds. Besides, the next two world’s largest smallmouths were captured from Dale Hollow. The majority of experienced anglers return home with a bucket full of fishes after a visit in Dale Hollow. Though such an outcome sounds a little bit tough and time-consuming, it is not impossible.

  1. Kentucky Lake

This one is the most popular water source of the Tennessee River system. It has more than 160,309 acres of water in Tennessee and Kentucky. The massive lake covers 2,064 miles of shoreline, which is quite surprising. The huge amount of ledges and bars never fails to draw the attention of fishing-lovers. There have been several bass fishing tournaments. People enjoy seeking bass in its clean and shallow water. But you can choose the deeper water layer for fishing too. Many visitors come here to enjoy their natural beauty rather than fishing, especially during spring. It looks so divine with yellow water bushes and lots of shallow bushes.

  1. Parksville Lake

It is a small lake with 1,930 acres of fishable water and only 47 miles of shoreline to explore. Are you wondering why such a small lake is on the list, right? Because the crystal clear water of the lake is enriched with trout, bass, crappie, and catfish. It is the record-holder of the heaviest spot bass of Tennessee state weighing 7-pounds. You will find spotted bass around wood covers, sloping points, etc. You can use your canoes and kayaks instead of large fishing boats here.

  1. Center Hill Lake

Well, it is one of the most overlooked fishing lakes by the fishers. It is like a highland reservoir having approximately 18,220 acres of water. The rock-based shoreline, wood cover, and ledges are part of its incredible beauty. However, it earns more reputation because of featuring largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted black bass. These species roam in different waterways. So, you must check which waterways are suitable for your target. The chance of getting smallmouths are high around shads and alewives as these locations supply plenty of food for them. Moreover, the rocky points and ridges are the most suitable surfaces for bronzeback habitat. Bass fishing can be challenging due to the clear water. That’s why anglers make their maximum effort to find the right combination of fishing spots and boilies.

  1. Reelfoot lake

The Reelfoot lake is an ideal place for catching thick-sided largemouth bass. As it covers bluegills, crawfish, and small insects, the bass easily gets their food and grows bigger. They usually spend spawning and post-spawning moments in the countless stumps, flower beds, cypress trees, etc. The fishermen like to catch fish, especially the largemouth using their boats in spring days. The reason is that almost all species use the visible cover during this season, which can lead to great results with plastic worms and some available baits. Once anyone reaches there, they get confused about which area is having bass because all locations seem to be holding fish. Therefore, we recommend checking the records and bringing experienced friends.

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