What is a Tandem Kayak?

We will start with the most basic statement, like there are two types of kayaks depending on its seating arrangement, to introduce a tandem kayak to you. The seating arrangement is the key here. One type can settle a single kayaker on it, and the other one will have two different seats for a pair of kayakers. The former is called a single kayak. It is small in size. And that pretty much gives away what is a tandem kayak.

A Tandem Kayak and Why You Need It

Tandem Kayak

A tandem kayak is a kayak that holds two people or kayakers on it. It is also known as a double kayak, and for some mischievous minds, the divorce kayak. Divorce kayak because unless two people have a great understanding and communication between them, a tandem kayak will be a nightmare to haul.

What is a Tandem Kayak?
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These are big, of course, it gives space for two people to sit on it, and it’s heavy as well, quite definitely, because it needs to tackle the weight of two people. Two people will simultaneously paddle while hauling a tandem kayak.

Reasons to Have a Tandem Kayak

Now the question arises that if you can kayak with a single-seat kayak, perhaps you have no qualm to buy two of them, then why a tandem kayak? What is the use of it? And let us answer these easy queries for you.

Reasons #1 – You Simply Like It

First of all, you have a budget to buy two single kayaks, also, are willing to pay for them, have space to store them, all of you know how to ride it, so, naturally, you will be okay with single kayaks for every person in your family. But that might not be the case for many there. Many of them might not have these benefits.

Or perhaps they are simply not willing to buy multiple kayaks. So, the first reason for you to have a requirement of a tandem kayak is your desire. If you want it, get it. It has its upsides and downsides but is worth every penny.

Reason #2 – You Are a Couple

A couple might be more interested in opting for a kayaking experience together on the same kayak. So, there can be no alternative to a tandem kayak to spend quality time together, especially when you have a kid. This can handle the extra weight of a kid or pet too. It is better to have good communication and rapport to ride the same kayak than to interact from afar sitting on two single kayaks and struggling to stay side by side.

You can hear your partner well and vice versa. If you want, you can halt the kayak and just lazily let the kayak float, and together enjoy the beauty of nature. You can eat together, feed your kid and pet, allow your partner to have a bite from the burger you are eating, and enjoy spending time with each other. After all, sharing is caring. All you couple around; you need a tandem kayak pronto. But make sure you know kayaking, at least one of you.

Reason #3 – You Are a Beginner

Now, let’s talk about the beginner and trainer. It perhaps is the most crucial reason for a kayaker to opt for a tandem kayak instead of a single. When you are in the process of learning the different kayaking techniques with the help of a skilled kayaker or a professional trainer, then for grasping all their knowledge and how they are handling the kayak and applying techniques while they show it to you, nothing better than a tandem kayak. It is safe for the beginner too.

The skilled kayaker is right behind you, sitting on the rear seat, guiding you. You are applying your technique to move and control the kayak, and he is following your paddle strikes. But the moment you misjudge the water condition, or misplace the kayak paddle stroke, or lose control and do not know what to do, he will have your back. So, a beginner needs a tandem kayak more than anyone else.

Reason #4 – You Want a Safer Option

For a single person to handle a tandem kayak is tough. Yet if you are not very skilled in kayaking, it’s better to have a tandem kayak. And the beginner needs it more because going alone to kayak is almost forbidden for him. Keep in mind safety first. If you have an over-enthusiastic kid kayaker in your house, get a tandem kayak for him.

Firstly, they cannot even move the heavy, big sized kayak, let alone trying to take it to the shore and water. Secondly, only a skilled kayaker might somehow manage all the tackling of a tandem kayak single-handedly. So, a tandem kayak will not let the beginner overstep the line of dare and compel them to have a helping hand as well. It coerces them to have their guide, teacher tagging along and make the learning process safer, easier, and quicker.

Reason #5 – You Can Turn It to A Single Kayak

It is a two-in-one kind of a thing. You can turn it into a single kayak by bringing the rear seat in the middle and completely remove the front seat from it. It needs a little more changes here and there. However, you cannot turn a single kayak into a tandem kayak. So, if you want to enjoy the 2-in-1 thingy, get a tandem kayak.

Reason #6 – You Need Ample Space

It in itself is spacious. Moreover, when you turn a tandem kayak into a single kayak, you get much more space to store things that you need for camping. You need to take many things to the campsite even if it’s a single day camping.

So, if your adventure trip is all about kayaking and camping somewhere near the body of water, and you have all the skill and experience of kayaking, then we will recommend you to buy a tandem kayak even though you are a single kayaker. The foods, drinks, safety tools, apparel, the number of things a few days of camping will need can never fit in a single kayak because it’s small.

But a double kayak is bigger and longer, up to 24 feet. If you remove the seat, you get all the more space to store the important stuff.

Reason #7 – You Do Not Have Space to Store It

It’s price is almost close to the price you will need to pay to buy two single kayaks. So, many efficient kayakers might think, why not go for two for valid reasons. Unless two skilled kayakers don’t have space or storage issues, we will happily recommend them buying two single kayaks.

That way, they can seldom go their separate ways to enjoy some time or increase their kayaking abilities and hone kayaking techniques. But those of you who have space issues around your house, you people have a convenient solution in the form of the tandem kayak.

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Final Words

Now you know what a tandem kayak is, and we have given you our prime reasons for going for a tandem kayak instead of a single kayak or buying two single kayaks. Which reason do you have to buy a tandem kayak?

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