St croix triumph vs Premier

You decide to go for the ST Croix fishing rod. But the thing that bogs you down from purchasing is that it offers two rod series: Triumph and Premier. Both of the Series also comes with two models- spinning and casting. So, you can’t make up your mind which series of rods you should pick. 

Fortunately, we will break down everything including its pros and cons in this comparison guide. So, stay in tune with us till the end to know the difference between the ST Croix Triumph and Premier. 

An Overview of ST Croix Triumph Spinning Rod

ST Croix has been developing carp fishing equipment for over 70 years. They provide premium quality casting, spinning, saltwater, ice-fishing, and fly rods. 

And ST Croix Triumph Spinning Rod is one of them. It makes a huge buzz in the fishing community because of its sturdy construction and affordable price. 

Unlike other rods, this fishing rod uses premium SCII graphite as its construction material. It doesn’t only add durability to the rod but also makes it lightweight. Turns out, the rod uses two coats of flex-coat slow cure finish to maximize durability and double the shelf life. As a result, you can use it for years to catch fish. 

Thanks to ST Croix for incorporating a cork handle to this fishing rod. Because of this handle, you will get a superior grip that reduces slippage when fighting a giant fish. 

Therefore, this rod comes with a bunch of powers with multiple action options. The power of this rod is from ultra-light to medium-heavy and the action is from ultra-fast to slow. As a result, you can pick the rod depending on your fishing style. 

We recommend you get this affordable fishing rod for freshwater fishing, like carp and bass.The size of the rod ranges from 5 ft to 7.6 ft. 


  • Lightweight construction
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Provide superior grip
  • Sensitive 


  • The only downside is its rail seat locking

An Overview of ST Croix Premier Spinning Rod

The premier fishing rod series from ST Croix is an entry-level fishing rod. These rods use SCII graphite as their construction material. They are solid but compared to lower-end rods of ST Croix they have upgraded reel seats and line guides. 

Like the Triumph Series, the Premier Series also has a cork handle and dark rod blanks. It means this rod series looks amazing. Plus, you will get an exceptional grip and maximum durability. 

Something we love most about the Premier Series Rod is its versatility. The spinning rod has 38 models and the casting one comes with 30 models.  


  • Comes with a versatile model 
  • Not so expensive 
  • Durable


  • Need to tighten up the reel seat constantly

ST Croix Triumph Vs Premier: What’s The Difference?

From this chapter, you can learn about the differences between the Triumph and Premier rods from St Croix. 

Construction Material 

Both ST Croix Triumph and Premier rods use high-quality graphite material in their construction to ensure durability. However, the graphite material of the Premier Series is more sturdy and long-lasting because of its advanced reinforcement technology. In short, you can go for the Premier spinning rod if you expect more longevity. 

St croix triumph vs Premier
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ST Croix Premier is more versatile than the Triumph Series. It comes with different rod lengths. You can choose between a 4’6” to 8’6” rod or 5’6” to 7’. On the other hand, the Triumph Series comes only 5’ to 7’6” and 6’ to 7’. It means you will get better length rod options if you choose the Premier Series. 


Both the spinning and casting series of Premier comes with a wide range of rod power. If you go with the spinning lineup, you can choose between ultra-light and extra-heavy. And you can also go for medium-light or heavy if you choose the Premier casting rod. On the other hand, the Triumph Series comes with limited rod power options.You can only go between ultra-light to the medium-heavy spinning rod (Used for fishing) or medium to medium-heavy.


You can find no significant differences between the ST Croix Triumph and Premier in terms of action. Most fishing rods from St Croix come with fast action. 

Apart from these, there is also a difference between the Triumph and the Premier when it comes to line rating and lur rating. Most Premier fishing series rods come with a heavy line rating up to 25 lb, while the Triumph line rating goes up to 20 lb. 

Final Verdict

Both series of rods (Triumph and Premier) from ST Croix have upsides and downsides. We prefer you to go for the Triumph for lighter freshwater fishing. On the other hand, the St Croix Premier rod is excellent for catching trophy size fish. 

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