Night Fishing for Carp

Carp fishing is one of the best adventurous activities that an angler can ever attempt. Those of you who have a little bit of knowledge about carp fishing very well know that carp fishes are best angled either before the sun rises or after it sets. All in all, carp fishes love to wander freely at low light. That makes night fishing for carp an enticing opportunity for the anglers. Carps are bound to lurk at a great number at night when there is no light. Also, it’s the only fish that could be successfully angled at night.

Night Fishing for Carp
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What is so Special About Carp Fishing at Night

Many might take night fishing as a not-so-interesting endeavor. There will be no light at all. You could hardly see something right in front of you, let alone carp fishes jumping and dipping in the lake. It has to be tedious and not fruitful. But what we don’t realize is that the number of carp fishes increases at night time.

At night the flies, insects, wasps, moths, all the live lures come out. These are what attract the carp fishes the most. So, they come out to feed themselves because live insects are the best bait for carps. And here you do not even have to work extra to bait. The insects are already there to make the carp fishes come out of their slumber. That, too, from the deepest bottom of the water body.

You just need to take advantage of the carp fishes’ carefree attitude at night, where it can’t even assess the situation. Making this intelligent specimen becomes easier at night. They might not differentiate between a real insect and a fake bait, an insect replica.

So even if you cannot see well, feel uneasy in the dark, but with proper preparation, observation, and a little bit of careful listening, night carp fishing can be a very special experience and fun-filled.

Best Season

You can fish carp all around the year. But if you are opting for night fishing, then the best season will be either spring or summer. Basically, the period starts from the latter part of spring to the end of summer.

Carp fishes start spawning before late spring. Before that, it’s winter, which is the worst for carp fishing as carp fishes do not like cold water or season. They are sluggish, lazy in winter. After winter, they spawn. Perhaps, during early spring. The period of spawning depends on various factors and might extend to summer. But carp fishes mainly spawn in spring.

When they are actually spawning, they don’t eat. So, you will not see carps searching for food in the body of water that much. They might be breeding and resting in some eerie crevices. When they are done spawning, they want to feed themselves and enjoy roaming all over the river, lake, or pond.

And it’s already late spring or summer, so the water starts getting warmer. Carp fishes enjoy the warm water. That is when you can easily catch carps. So, late spring and the whole summer is their roaming period. Thus the best season for night carp fishing.

Night Fishing

Night fishing will be very different from day fishing. The experience will be different, as the surrounding is different. How far you can see is different; your observing ability is different; the gauging method of a carp in the water is different. The tools will be different too.

However, the best thing is that you do not need to do much to catch carp at night. Even with the bare minimum, you can angle even the Bigmouth carps. If you are near a water body with big carp fishes in it, you will need to get the sturdiest of the fishing rod, reel, and fishing line. And if the location has moderate or small-sized carp fishes, then a medium action rod, monofilament fishing line, and a standard spinning reel will do.

Keep in mind that night time has nothing to do with a carp fish’s challenging nature, power, and intelligence. It will be fierce and will not get trapped that easily, though it’s night time. Even when it will take the bait and will be locked in the hook, it will try its best to get free with its full might. So, you will have to be prepared with your equipment well.


Carp fishes love boilies, living insects, and sweet corn in all kinds of light. Low, bright sunlight or in the dark. So there is nothing special that you will have to prepare for carp fishing at night. We understand that living baits are hard to get, so always prefer boilies as it never fails to attract the carp fishes.

Depending on the location and your target, you need to decide the size of the boilies. For Bigmouth Carp fishes, you will need big boilies, and for small ones, smaller sized boilies will be fine.

Food And Tent

Nighttime has its own essence. It could be risky, and the timeline doesn’t allow you to head back to your habitat at once. You are in for night carp fishing means you will spend the whole night sitting beside the water body. So, you will have to be prepared to spend a couple of hours there. A tent or a sleeping bag if you need a couple of hours’ sleep.

We do not think you will need much to eat. Dry foods or fruits to spend the night is more than enough. More than the food, you need plenty of water to drink to stay hydrated in warm conditions and a few cups of tea and coffee to stay awake.


Other than the regular equipment, baits, gear, and apparel you need to wear, there are some essentials that you will need to fish at night. One among them is the high power, high-quality torches.

A head torch to show you what is there at the front without occupying your hand and a powerful LED torch that will illuminate quite a distance around a spot that you specifically wanted to see and observe.

You will need a binocular too to see your target carp fish at a great distance. Many do not prefer wearing polarized glasses at night. But we think you need one even in the nighttime so that when required, your vision is much sharper than regular.

Carp fishing at any time of the day, in every season, including the winter, is adventurous and full of fun. Every period adds a little bit of challenge and their own fair share of benefits to carp fishing. Thus night time will have its own challenges as well as advantages. So, if you want to gain that experience, try carp fishing at night right away.

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