Mercury Vs. Yamaha Outboard Reliability

When it comes to engine reliability, there is no clear winner. A low specs engine can outperform a premium grade one, if you maintain it properly. Just take good care of the engine, and you will get maximum reliability.

However, factors such as usage, maintenance, fuel type and repair history can affect the reliability of each engine. So, if you check all the factors properly, will the Mercury Vs. Yamaha outboard reliability make a difference?

For us, it was a slight win for Yamaha on this one. It’s not like Mercury motors aren’t reliable, but if you want more power output, go for the Mercury.

Overall, both engines are reliable and will give you good service if you take care of them. But if you want the maximum reliability for your money, go for a Yamaha engine.

Today, let’s cover why Yamaha Outboards Superior to Mercury outboard motors. Let’s not beat around the bushes, and get into the reasons.

Mercury Vs. Yamaha Outboard Reliability: Differences chart

Features Mercury Yamaha
Engine type V8, 2-valve/cylinder pushrod Liquid cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 4-valve
Handle reach Multifunction tiller Operation of shift and throttle 
Motor capacity Depends on model  Depends on model
Oil changes Up to 4 times a year Depends on the user
Max speed 51 mph 45-51 mph
Sound performance Quiet Quiet
Added accessories Seat cover, tank pad, bike cover, LED indicators, rear footrest, engine guard Remote control box, side mount, flush mount, analog conventional meter, digital network meter, touchscreen display, propellers, etc.

Mercury Vs. Yamaha Outboard Reliability: Which one is better?

Well, it is relevant to judge a motor outboard according to its features. 

Mercury marine offers pleasant operations with its touches. In order to dampen sounds, mercury marine simply clowns and ensures quieter rides. Besides, a mercury marine makes the oil checks easier within a top cowl service door.

Mercury Vs. Yamaha Outboard
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On the other hand, Yamaha outboard will let you operate the boat by maintaining utmost precision and control. Especially the Helm Master Setpoints of Yamaha outboard will help you to operate more smoothly than ever. Alongside, there is a touchscreen display here which won’t let your surveillance go bland.

Both Mercury and Yamaha outboard are superb in their own way. However, their unique features compel us to be judgmental to get best service in our motors.

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Mercury Outboards: Why choose it?

Since the year 1939, Mercury Outboards have come a long way. Today his outboard motors range from 2.5 hp to 400 hp.

Mercury Outboard
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Though mercury does not provide any electric options, they are superb in giving high performance. 

Besides, you will get a clean running in your motor from a mercury outboard. 

In terms of service and warranty, Mercury outboard never lacks behind. In fact, it comes with a handy chart which will let the consumers be certain of their usage.

Yamaha Outboard: Why choose it?

With 2 years of tuning and testing, Yamaha Outboard are putting all their effort into improving their motors day by day. Thus, Yamaha is now one of the leading companies as they meet people’s desires and needs.

Yamaha Outboard
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Apparently, Yamaha outboard is engaging 2000 service dealers. Therefore, you will get professional and quality service available almost everywhere in the US.

Whenever you go to buy a Yamaha outboard, the manufacturer will register your purchase and hand you the chart of warranty. Up to 8 years consumers can use this outboard without any hassle.

Mercury Vs. Yamaha Outboard Reliability: Head to head comparisons 

Although the Mercury marine and Yamaha Outboard bring some differences, they have some similarities too. For instance, both mercury and yamaha build stellar products. But if you have some definite requirements, go through the peak features below.

Environmental impact (Mercury wins)

Although mercury marine does not have electric options, it engages in improved motors and tweaks. Moreover, a mercury marine leaves no stone unturned in providing high performance with a clean running. 

Compared to Mercury marine, Yamaha outboard is more efficient. You will get electric options here which will make your task simpler.

Warranty (Yamaha wins)

While figuring out the warranty of mercury marine, you may find several complications. In particular, the Mercury marine comes with a handy chart that is going to help you to acquire a smooth running. Still, the ideal warranty is not apparent to us.

Yamaha outboard on the other hand, gives a long-lasting warranty to its consumers, i.e. of 8 years.

Maintenance and Service (Yamaha wins) 

No doubt, Mercury marine is prevailing qualified services after getting partnered with a company named Dealer Spike. With the top line services, Mercury dealers are upgrading their custom services too.

On the flipping side, Yamaha outboard is also providing quality service with more than 2000 Yamaha dealers. As a result, getting assistance nearby will not be a hard job for you.

Horsepower (Yamaha wins) 

There are four categories you will get to see in the Mercury marine. These ranges of horsepower start from 2.5 hp to 400 hp. SeaPro, FourStroke, Pro XS, Jet, and Verado are the main outboards here.

Like Yamaha outboard, Mercury marine starts its range of horsepower from 2.5 hp. But the ending range is high here, which is 425 hp. Furthermore, Yamaha is offering high trust models and jet drives.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Which fuel is better for a Yamaha outboard? 

It is almost impossible for us to avoid the exact oil for a Yamaha outboard. Or else, getting the perfect outcome will become hard for us. Since the early 70s, Yamaha has been recommending to use lead free petrol. For better operation, go with the standard unlead of octane range. You can measure the correct range by seeing the range of octane, which should be between 91 to 93 ron.

Which term voids the warranty of mercury? 

One thing that highly voids the warranty of mercury marine is the quantity of ethanol. If the ethanol of mercury marine is more than 10 percent, that could be harmful for its warranty. So it is impeccable to have a Mercury marine which has an ethanol level of 10 percent or below it. Otherwise, we can’t expect a higher warranty from a Mercury marine. 

Is it possible to run a mercury marine out of water?

No, you should never run a mercury marine, or any outboard without a water source. Unless the water source enters into the screen inlets, it can’t supply to the water pump. Thus, your water pump will get damaged consequently. Again, your water pump will lack sufficient cooling which is not good for any outboard.

Shall we flush our outboard motor after each use?

Almost every outboard manufacturer is recommending a freshwater flush. To get best results, use this flush every time after each use of the motor in saltwater. Henceforth, you can easily clean salt residue’s cooling passages and scale it. Conversely, the engine will impede and accumulate the flow, especially of the vital cooling water. 


No matter which outboard you choose, that is not going to be the bad one. The reason is, mercury marine and yamaha outboard come with a high reputation. So none of them hold any feature to disappoint you.

Those who are obsessed with more horsepower, Yamaha outboard is for them. Again, if you are looking for electric options in your motor, Yamaha outboard wins on that part too.

Anyways, Mercury marine is not a bad option either. This motor company keeps all its focus especially on quality service. Hence, you can remain tension free about any disturbance as they are always ready to serve you.

Now don’t be late and see which outboard suits your preferences. Best of luck.

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