Analysis On Mercury 115 Tower Of Power

One general mystification of all the time is which outboard motor we can deploy with our vessel. There is a straightforward answer to that with a bunch of information. And, the prominent choice of all time is the Mercury 115 Tower of Power.

However, the Mercury manufacturer offers a wide variety of their creations. Among all the engines, if you are looking for a robust one for your vessel, You can blindly go for the Mercury 115 Tower of Power. And, why you should go for it, we shall disclose each nook and cranny today.

So, fasten yourself to blow yourself with the best outboard machine. Before starting, we need to make a statement, the Mercury Marine is the brand name, and the 115 beside the title mentions the engine’s horsepower. Let’s dig deep. 

Internal Analysis Of The Mercury 115 Of Tower Of Power

The Mercury 115 Tower of Power is an engine which is no less than a revolutionary engine. The Mercury Marine released this motor in 1983 in Germany, and till now, it is our favourite engine to use. 

Mercury 115 Tower Of Power
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During these decades, the performance of this motor did not receive any comments except compliments. Shortly, it was a legendary 115 machine that only aristocratic people used to attach to their vessels. 

The Mercury 115 Tower of Power is a six-cylinder engine which can serve 115 hp and about the kW, it is 84. Though it is a vintage machine, it includes an electric starting system with the power trim. 

The engine runs on petrol, and the weight without the fuel is 300 lbs. Moreover, it also includes a power tilt facility. After so many years, it is counted as one of the most efficient and effective outboard engines. 

Overall, it can flow the boat at 43 miles per hour at its highest acceleration. 

Mercury 115 In Current Days And Internal Analysis Of Motors 

The robust engine for your vessel comes with a rich electrical aroma and can omit enormous power, which can serve you with a great place to move on the water. 

The manufacturer is profoundly confident regarding the internal organs of the machine that you will perceive two years or 10,000 hours warranty. 

Currently, there are two models available one is Command Thrust, and the other is Pro XS. The warranty period is for both machines though there are several variations while comparing. 

Command Thrust

Command Thrust is a powerful machine with 115 hp with 5000 to 6000 RPM and can omit 84.6 kW. The engine consists of 8 valves, and the displacement is 2.1 litres. 

The amazing fact about this machine is it integrates a computer-controlled fuel injection system. It runs appropriately by burning 91 RON, which is the unleaded octane. 

About the protection system of the engine, it includes SmartCraft Engine Guardian, which is an advanced digital technology. There are two shafts, one is 20 inches, and the other is 25 inches. 

The command Thrust is known for its fantastic manoeuvrability induced by the hydraulic power steering. The oil tank can contain 5.2 litres, and its trim range is 22 degrees max, with 70 degrees as the max tilt range. Last but not least, it is a four-stroke engine. 

Pro XS

If you desire a more rigid engine than the 115 Command Thrust, you can go for another series of this. And this is the Pro XS. It comes with a sturdy performance which is also 115 hp at 5300 to 6300 RPM. 

But, there is a considerable difference in kW between the Command Thrust and Pro Xs. The Pro XS can serve you with 86 kW, which allows a strong output. The engine displacement is 2.1 L. 

And it can run on 90 RON fuel, which means 10% ethanol. It also relies on the SmartCraft Engine Guardian, which has the latest technological features as the previous one. 

The measurements of the shafts are 20 inches and 25 inches. This motor includes a Command Thrust gearcase with three front, neutral, and rear functions. The trim and tilt ranges are 22 and 70 degrees, respectively. Lastly, it also includes a fuel tank which can contain 5.2 litres.

All the aspects are similar to each other except the output (kW), yet there are plenty of differences found in the performance. If you are looking for a rigid machine for surfing through a river with unyielding tides, the Pro XS is the ultimate machine you can purchase. 

Other than this, the 115 Command Thrust is a massively powerful engine for your fishing or surfing boat. 

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How much horsepower does a Mercury 115 have?

Answer: Mercury 115 offered by Mercury Marine includes 115 hp. But there are two models, and the first one is the Command Thrust which can serve 115 hp with 5000 to 6000 RPM. 

The second is the Pro XS, which can serve 115 with 5300 to 6300 RPM. It is noteworthy that 115 Pro XS reserves more rigidness than the Command Thrust 115. 

How fast does a Mercury 115 hp go?

Answer: The Mercury 115 is known for its robust output, and with the utilization of 115 hp in older versions, you can reach up to 43 miles per hour. But, in the newer versions, it can exceed 43 miles with the facility of fuel efficiency. 

What is the fastest 115 outboard motor?

Answer: There are plenty of outboard motors that can’t be defeated by one another. But the primes are Mercury 115 Pro XS with 48 miles per hour and Yamaha Outboard VF 115V with 51 miles per hour. You can also go for Honda BF115 which can serve 48 miles per hour. 


In the marketplace, you will find the previous models with the current models of Mercury 115 Tower of Power. If you are on a tight budget, you can go with the earlier models. 

Mercury Marine has a colossal reputation for its durability. If you have money to spend and want a good performer, we recommend the most updated models of this series. 

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