Is Mahi Mahi A White Fish?

Mahi-mahi is a seafood delicacy enjoyed worldwide. Interestingly, it is the Hawaiian term for the Coryphaena hippurus species. 

Mahi translates to “strong” in Hawaiian. It is also known as Dorado in Spanish and dolphinfish in English.

The name dolphinfish can be misleading as mahi-mahi is far from a dolphin. This fish is found in tropical regions such as the Gulf of Mexico, Costa Rica, and Hawaii. 

It has a vibrant and colorful appearance with a long body and a short face.

What Is A Mahi-Mahi Fish?

Mahi-mahi is a tender and flaky fish. Its raw flesh is greyish-white with a hint of pink. It turns into a beautiful white after cooking.

It is firmer than other white fishes like Halibut, bass or cod. Mahi-mahi has a four-to-five-year lifespan and does not grow further than 30 pounds.

As mentioned earlier, the term mahi-mahi translates to “strong.” The fish lives up to its name as it is a fast swimmer.

It is eco-friendly seafood as they grow and reproduce quickly. If you are a fan of seafood and care about nature, mahi-mahi is the way to go!

Is Mahi Mahi A White Fish?
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Mahi-mahi has a bright and vibrant appearance. Its body has beautiful tones of bright green with blueish hues, which complements the gold or sparkling silver lower body.

It has a mixture of dark and light spots around the sides. The adult males have a square-shaped head, whereas the adult females have a more rounded head.

Health Benefits

Mahi-mahi is rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. It is a low-calorie fish that contains Selenium and Potassium. 

These minerals prevent harmful cells from entering the body and help balance fluids.

It also has vitamin B that helps the brain to function properly. Mahi-mahi is also known to reduce the risk of heart diseases. 

What Does Mahi Mahi Feed On?

Their main diet consists of flying fish, triggerfish, man-o-war fish, and other small fishes. They can also eat tuna, crab, octopus, squids, and jellyfish.

How To Prepare Mahi Mahi

There are never-ending ways of preparing Mahi-mahi. It depends on your taste bud and preferences. 

You can have it grilled or steamed as the flesh can be cooked both ways while preserving its natural flavor and texture.

You can also make it as a stuffing for tacos and sandwiches. The options are endless!

Whatever your cooking method is, season the fish right before cooking as the salt and other seasonings can draw out moisture from the fillet. 

You have to make sure that you do not overcook it as it is a lean fish. Cooking it for 3 to 4 minutes on each side should be enough. 

There are a few steps you need to follow before cooking mahi-mahi. We have listed the preparations you need to take to ensure that your mahi-mahi tastes amazing.

  1. Remove the skin – You don’t need to skin other white flesh fish, such as salmon. However, the skin of mahi-mahi is tough and can’t be consumed. Be sure to remove the skin if you don’t want a tough exterior around the tender flesh.
  2. Get rid of the bones – Feel around the fillet with your hands to detect bones and remove them using your hands or tweezers. This rule applies when you are cutting the fish into portions. It would be wise to remove the bones from the cooked fish if you are baking or steaming the whole fillet.
  3. Remove the bloodline – It is safe to eat the bloodline. However, it has a fishier taste than the rest of the body. If you do not prefer fishy flavors, we suggest removing the bloodline. It is a red line in the middle of the fillet.

How Does Mahi Mahi Taste?

Mahi-mahi has a mild and slightly sweet flavor. It is delicate, moist, and full of flavors. The texture is firm and a bit flaky. It is similar in taste to swordfish.

How Does Mahi Mahi Taste?
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The taste can slightly differ with the way you cook it. There is no better way to know the taste than finding it out for yourself. 

Halibut VS Mahi Mahi

Halibut is the best comparison for mahi-mahi as both fishes have features in common: their firm and compact taste. There are just as many differences as well.

Their sizes are a lot different from one another. Halibut is a flatfish, while mahi-mahi is a lean fish. 

Mahi-mahi is a comparatively small fish that rarely grows longer than 30 pounds. On the other hand, Halibut can exceed 500 pounds. 

There is not much of a dissimilarity in the way they taste. Mahi-mahi swims in warmer waters, whereas Halibut prefers cooler waters. 

However, Halibut has a whiter flesh compared to the pinkish grey-white flesh of mahi-mahi.

Both fishes have the same mild flavor. Mahi-mahi is sweeter due to its tropical origin. 

Where Is Mahi Mahi Found?

Mahi-mahi is commonly found in the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, Hawaii, and the Caribbean. They swim in the Indian and Pacific oceans. 

It is a popular dish in Florida as the subtropical waters of South Florida are the perfect place to find this delicacy.

You can catch your mahi-mahi or buy it from seafood restaurants. Restaurants might sell pre-skinned mahi-mahi fillets. 

If you cannot find it in restaurants, you can check the fish department in grocery stores or supermarkets. 

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How To Know Which Mahi Mahi Fillets Are Fresh?

There are a few characteristics of fresh fillets that you can check to ensure that you are getting the correct ones. 

Mahi-mahi doesn’t smell fishy. When buying it, look for fillets with a mild and neutral smell. 

Avoid the fillets that appear dull or have brown spots in areas. Brown spots are an indication that the fillet is close to spoiling. 

You have to aim for a fillet with pink flesh and red stripes. The skin should look moist and shiny instead of dry and dull.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is Mahi Mahi A Dolphin Or A Fish?

Although it is called a dolphinfish, mahi-mahi is not a dolphin. A dolphin is a mammal, whereas mahi-mahi is a fish.

  • Does Mahi Mahi Taste Fishy?

It is fishier in taste than other white flesh fish. You can cut off the dark parts of the flesh to give it a milder flavor. 

  • Why Does Mahi Mahi Lose Color?

It is easy to spot mahi-mahi with its bright and beautiful colors. However, they lose their vibrant and beautiful colors after being caught. They lose their color because they have color-changing cells called chromatophores.

These cells are three-dimensional and contain pigment. They reflect light and have the ability to flicker their colors. 

The chromatophore cells are connected to the fish’s nervous system. They can change colors when they are happy and excited. These color-changing cells are why their color fades after they pass away. 

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Mahi-mahi is a special seafood item. The perfectly cooked white flesh, along with the firm and moist, flaky texture, has people drooling over it worldwide. It is healthier compared to most seafood items.

You can get creative when it comes to cooking the fish. Grill it, steam it, or make a curry out of it. It does not matter how you prepare it; it is worth giving a shot.

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