Is an Octopus a fish (A Mysterious Creature)?

The ocean is the most adventurous place on earth. It calms the brain and body while watching and listening to the crashing waves. However, there is another world under the sea. There are different types of plants and animals. Some are so small that we have to see them only with a microscope.

Big fishes swim through water so that we can see them from far. But there are some animals of considerable size that we cannot see from a long way. Octopus is one of them. Have you ever wondered is an octopus a fish? Well, this is very interesting. In this article, we will share with you about Octopus’s descent and many more.

What type of animal is an octopus? A kind of fish or mammal?

The place where we can find the fish, we can also find an octopus. They are much similar in different cases, like they both have a mouth, two eyes and can move across the water. 

Both are able to metabolize their livelihood by extracting oxygen from water. Initially, it may seem like they are similar. Although they both lead aquatic life, they are not the same animal.

Is an Octopus a fish

You may have wondered that an octopus is a mammal. But no, an octopus has no spine, which means it is an invertebrate animal. If we want to be more particular, we can say Octopus is from the cephalopod family. 

This family also includes cuttlefish, snail, or squid. If we can say in one word, then it would be a mollusk. The species of Octopus is Octopoda.

Both fish and Octopus share the same classification strata of the Animalia family. Fish are known as Chordata, and octopuses are known as a mollusk. 

Also, fish have a skeleton and backbone, which make them vertebrates. On the other hand, octopuses have no skeleton and spine, so they are invertebrates.

Significant differences between a fish and an octopus

Although some characteristics are similar, some significant features make them different. While fish have scale, octopuses do not have them. Usually, scales give protection from predators also in the harmful environment. 

As fish have bones, they tend to have scales that provide them with enamel-like covering. Octopuses have smooth skin, which does not contain scales. They usually have shells but no scales.

Fish and octopuses have different types of body structures. Octopuses have eight arms, and because they do not have any bones, they can quickly go against the water flow. 

In contrast, fish have to go with water flow and follow the motion. Octopuses can swim backward through the water, and fish rely on the water wave.

Though octopuses do not have any backbone, they are the most intelligent invertebrate so far. Fish are not that intelligent in comparison to Octopus. 

While octopuses exhibit a level of intelligence, fish are very narrow to react in any situation. Octopuses are more brilliant than fish.

Let Us Dive Deeper To Find That Is Actually An Octopus A Fish

We all know some facts that octopuses have three hearts, nine brains, and blue blood. But these are not enough of them. There are some more exciting things about them that we will share with you below.

  • They can guide their arm to have the food. The central doughnut-shaped brain gives them visual information while they have eight brains in their arms. The most exciting part is it can control the arm.
  • Octopuses have an equal amount of neurons as a dog. Two-third of the neurons are located in their arms. 

They are very clever in solving mazes and can overcome tricky situations. They are also experts in embracing any problematic situations.

  • Many ground animals such as birds, monkeys, apes, etc., can use different kinds of tools. But among invertebrates, only octopuses can use tools. They can pile up shells, bottle caps, rocks, etc., on their own without any help.
  • Usually, the optic lobes are giant octopuses. They can identify every individual from their species. Not only that, they can recognize human faces. Moreover, octopuses can distinguish between people.
  • Octopuses can skillfully camouflage themselves with the environment. They have special cells under their skin that instantly change their color. Also, they can change their skin texture to cope with the circumstances.
  • We often think that only humans can sacrifice for their children. But octopus mothers can give up their life to save their eggs. 

They always protect their eggs from any harmful environment and sometimes through water over them to get oxygen properly. 

Sometimes they stop eating to give proper shelter to the eggs and eventually die.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is an octopus a shellfish?

There are two kinds of shellfish; one is crustaceans, and the other is mollusks. Shrimp, crab, prawns, lobsters, etc are in the crustaceans category. 

Octopus, squid, and snail are the types of mollusks. While eating seafood, you have to keep in mind that you are allergic to mollusks.

  • Can people eat Octopus?

Well it is not obligatory that you have to eat octopus if you are a seafood lover. There are some people from specific cultures who eat octopuses. 

However, nowadays, octopuses are not rare in the seafood menu. The arm of the Octopus and sometimes other parts of the body are considered for eating. In some cases, it can be prepared or even eaten live.

  • Is it true that octopuses have nine brains?

Indeed it is absolutely true that octopuses have nine brains. Not only that, but this pacific animal also has three hearts and, to your surprise, blue blood. 

As it has eight arms, each arm has a tiny brain. Also, it has a central brain that controls the nervous system.

  • How long do the octopuses live?

Statistically, most common octopuses live up to only two years. In the case of giant octopuses, they can live from three years to five years. Giant octopuses live more than common octopuses because they don’t mate and live in wild places.

  • Why do octopuses live so short?

Actually, octopuses die because of starvation. When the reproductive organs start to become mature, the hormones influence the optic glands. 

As a result, the digestive glands start to become inactive. So, they cannot eat, and they live a short life due to starvation.

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By now, you already know if an octopus is a fish or not. Maybe you still doubt one thing that octopuses have blue blood. The reason behind it is the blood has copper instead of iron which makes the blood blue.

When they die, the blood loses its color and turns transparent. Overall, Octopus is really a different animal among many others. It is one of a kind animal that can be differentiated very easily.

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