How to Outfit a Kayak for Fishing?

Kayak and fishing go hand in hand. It might appear bizarre even to picture how an angler could sit on a kayak, which is so narrow, so confined. Also moving and maneuvering it for angling. But with making a few additions to the kayak, you can set it up for fishing. So, trying to know how to outfit a kayak for fishing? You are at the right place. Here we are going to cover different aspects yet common queries on kayak outfitting.

Choosing A Kayak

No matter what, you need to have a stable kayak for fishing. Lack of it will cost you time, energy, and a lot of fish. Now, whether you find the perfect stability from a sit-on-top kayak or a sit-in kayak, that is entirely up to your comfort.

Sit-In Or Sit-On

Though both the types are perfect for outfitting the kayak for fishing, it is pretty much evident that sit-on kayaks offer better room to move and angling compared to a sit-in kayak. However, the sit-in kayaks are lightweight and easy to handle in moving water. So, the body of water also decides which kayak you must prefer. If sit-in kayaks are for moving water, then quite naturally, sit-on will be well-preferred for fishing in still water.

Need For Space

Both the kayaks will have their own organizer or storage for storing accessories, though, while fishing, the requirement from kayak storage is way different. So, the built-in storage is not enough. Therefore, to fulfill that lacking, you can have a milk crate. And to set that crate up, you will need space somewhere around the seat. Our choice will always be behind the seat. So, sit-on or in, you need that space, rather facility, in a kayak. Keep in mind, while fishing, you need your gears within reach.

Outfitting A Kayak For Fishing

You will need a limited budget to buy a few accessories to turn a normal kayak to a pro-level fishing kayak. What are the accessories that you will need and how to make a fishing kayak, you asked? We have just three keywords for you, a crate, rods, and gears.

How to Outfit a Kayak for Fishing?
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A Milk Crate

You can either spend some bucks and buy a regular milk crate. They are easily available. A milk crate will store your fishing gears for carp, bass, trout, salmon etc. Plus, you do not need to spend on rod holders for your fishing kayak. Neither you need to set up rod holders after buying some separately. Because maximum milk crates generally have hollow pipes like things at all the four corners. So, your rods are secure and within reach.

Placing The Crate

Just place the crate behind the seat or as close as possible so that you can have easy access to the gears and things you could anytime need while fishing. You do not need to search for something when you are in between an intense casting or pulling the rod, to search for a mundane object. Neither getting up nor moving for searching the gears or fishing rod for fish like carp is a good idea when you can see the prey around. So a crate is going to be a good gear organizer as well as a rod holder.

Making An Organizer And Rod Holder

If you are not getting a perfect crate that will work for you, make one on your own. For that, we will refer you to any source that explains an easy step by step method of how to make a kayak fishing crate.

But as a brief, you will need a rectangular basket or crate, a few one and a half inch diameter PVC pipes, zip ties, and bungee cord.

Just zip tie the PVC pipes with the crate and set the bungee cords over the container as a cover so that nothing falls out of the box. You have your own secure gear organizer and rod holder.

Only The Must-Haves

What you take with you also is a part of rigging a kayak for fishing. Even an extra lure could be a thing that may cost you at a crucial juncture. You will feel like taking everything with you to angling. But trust us when you say you will only use a very few. Lures, ropes, pliers, multi-purpose tools, a fishing net, fishing chute, drinks, food containers, and perhaps a few things more are all that you need. Though a crater will give you enough space to take more than you need, fill it with objects, you know, you will use. If possible, use little plastic boxes to keep the different things separate.


If you thought we forgot about the main part of kayak fishing, we must let you know that this is our ‘Last But Not Least’ section in this whole how to rig a kayak for carp fishing. Just imagine sitting on an uncomfortable seat for long hours. Fishing takes long hours, right? So, where you sit is very crucial. The sit should be well padded, have enough breath ability, have a higher backrest, allow bending of legs and support every position your legs could be at ease, help to keep you well balanced in a rough movement of the kayak and should be well-angled as well. Either buy a kayak with a high-quality sit that fits your body type or replace the sit with buying a comfortable one separately.

Paddle Holder

Kayaks usually have paddle holders. But sometimes they are placed in wrong spots. While kayaking, you might not need easy access, but you need to have easy access to the paddle during angling. You can get the paddle holder clips and screw, and rig the kayak up with those to stow the paddle somewhere within reach.

Final Words

Other than all the above, you will also need to make sure you outfit yourself with a life vest because if it’s a kayak, it will tip. Some people also include an anchor in their whole process of how to set up a kayak for fishing. An anchor keeps the kayak stable and in one place. If you are one of those, including an anchor, make sure to choose one that does not weigh more than three pounds. Try to stay organized, well-prepared, and keep your fishing essentials close. That makes your kayak fishing event all the more pleasant.

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