How To Fiberglass A Boat Floor

We know you want to keep your boat well maintained as your home. Just take a look at your home; the quality of your home depends a lot on the flooring, the carpeting, the tilling. That’s the type of perfection you should look for in your boat floor also.

The application of fiberglass for boat flooring is a common method that boat owners often perform in order to keep the boat looking its best. You must be wondering, “how to fiberglass my boat floor”- well, we are here to answer all of your questions. Here we have put together some steps to follow that might be useful for you; we hope it works.

Goodbye To The Old One And Welcome The New

It is very important to apply the fiberglass correctly if you want to get the flooring in top shape. The procedure starts by removing the damaged section of the boat’s floor and replacing it with fiberglass. So let’s take a deeper look into it-

Remove The Old Flooring.

You would see BC plywood commonly used for boat flooring. Our first step would be replacing the old damaged floor with an electric saw to cut it. It would be better of you to get rid of the unnecessary items such as outdated furniture or structures, in preparation for your new floor. Remove anything loose in your boat as your clear out the furniture to clean the floor.

Next, unscrew the center console and get all the cables out of the way. This isn’t something you can finish in some hours. Better for you to write down everything you have disconnected, so you know where to reconnect everything once you are done.

Adding New Stringers

Consider replacing the old faulty stringers before installing the fiberglass. Though it will increase work time, you might need to sweat some extra for that. It might not seem unnecessary at first, but you wouldn’t find any better time to fix the issue.

How To Fiberglass A Boat Floor
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Each side of the stringer may slightly vary, so take separate measurements of each stringer by tape. You can use an electric saw to cut the stringer from the plywood sheet and fit them in the boat.

Installing The Deck

Once you are done removing the old damaged floors, start measuring the size of the deck and figure out all the important materials that will be needed in the project. Determine the exact amount of the sheets necessary to cover the deck and make square holes in the sheet for all the fittings in the exact areas.

While installing the deck sheet, don’t forget the cables and connection that must be connected again with the center console once you have completed the task. This is why, we said you before, it’s good for you to note the connections down throughout the process.

Applying Fiberglass Matting

Once you are done positioning the deck sheets, screw them together before putting the fiberglass. As for the stringers, apply fiberglass mating all over the deck. 

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Make sure the matting is sealed correctly, this is why a good sealant is required so that no water can penetrate the deck. A watertight seal guarantees that you can go on with the flooring for many years up ahead.

Reconnecting The Wires And Securing The Seats

When the deck replacing step is done, all you got to do is reconnect the previously disconnected wiring. Place the center console in place and connect it with the cables. Position the seat and screw it properly. Check the engine and see whether it is properly connected with the center console or not. Once you are done with all this, clean out the area.

Advantages Of Fiberglass For Boat Flooring

To be honest, the fiberglass flooring costs more than your regular plywood flooring.

Easy Maintenance

One of the merits of fiberglass is that it is effortless to maintain compared to its counterparts. Just look at wood, aluminum, and other similar material; they require regular repainting, sanding, and maintenance from your end. Fiberglass is perfect for withstanding the harsh marine atmosphere, moreover, very easy to clean and maintain in the long run.


Another perk of having fiberglass is that It is very lightweight compared to other flooring materials. This lightweight nature allows the boat to push through the water better than wood and aluminum boat like Lone Star. Therefore, you might not need a powerful engine to run a fiberglass boat as you would need for others. That will also save you some cash.

Clean Lines

Fiberglass provides extremely smooth flooring, making your boat ventures more soothing and mesmerizing. I have checked the utilitarian look of an aluminum floor; believe me, fiberglass looked better compared to it. It will give a simple and modern look to your boat.

Final Words

The fiberglass application process might seem a little rough and lengthy at first, but it is easy to maintain and clean compared to other materials. Their sleek look will definitely drive some eyes mad. We hope this article was good enough to clear all of your questions.

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