How to Catch White Bass in Rivers – Its Habitat and Best Time for Fishing

Bass is a common fish found abundant in The USA. No one species of fish is called bass. Quite a wide range of fish species comes in the bass category. Some species are freshwater fishes, and the others are found only in the ocean.

One of the common freshwater bass fish is the white bass. They are easily found in the lakes, rivers, and ponds. The bass fishes that are inhabited in the ocean are sea bass. Both types are edible and quite popular among the people in the United States.

Morone Chrysops or white bass fish are small fishes. The average size of white bass is just 10-12 inches. That size of a fish weighs just a pound at max. However, the other species of basses are not too small and can be enormous in size up to 50 pounds. But white basses are small freshwater fishes that have small mouths and like to live in the water at moderate temperatures.

You do not use full force or try heavy tackling of the fishing line to catch white basses. A bit of wait in the right location, and you can catch quite a few white bass fishes within an hour.

White Bass Habitat

Rivers are the most common habitats for the white bass. These fishes are defiant and choosy too. So unless you are luring them with proper baits, they are hard to catch. From Lake Erie, Michigan, and Lake Winnipeg in Canada, to the Red River, St. Lawrence River, and rivers in Mississippi, white basses are all over the lakes and rivers. White bass needs proper space as a habitat. So, all the rivers we mentioned are decent in size. Only while spawning these are seen swimming and releasing eggs in narrow, shallow tributaries.

How to Catch White Bass in Rivers
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How to Catch White Bass in Rivers

Rivers with a constant, plenteous current is the simple answer to how to catch white bass in rivers. But getting into details- white bass stays in the water where there is a disrupt in its flow. The disruption could be anything like barriers, bridge piles, dead branches or logs, underwater sand, and beyond. They feel safe around these structures. But, they do not like muddy water or too many plants.


Get the best lure, of course, smaller in size, remember little mouths? Minnows or leeches or any other bait fishes small in size are perfect bait for white basses. If you want something that is not a living being, then go with crankbaits or spinners. Go with the ones which simulate an alive lure the best.

Best Month And Season to Catch White Bass

The month of February, April, and May and the Spring Season is specifically great for catching white bass in abundance. The hungry white basses are back from the shallow water to the center of the river after spawning. When the fishes are hungry, they are easy to lure.

If angling is not possible in these particular seasons or months, one must understand how the spawning of white bass works. When the white bass is spawning, it is found in the shallow tributary. So try to find the stream to catch white bass. But first, know whether you are allowed to catch spawning fishes.

Best Time of the Day to fish White Bass

The best time of day to fish for bass is when there is no sunlight. Low light is what you need to lure and catch bass fishes. It can be early in the morning or late in the afternoon or evening. If not in the day, one can try catching basses at night in the dark. It is all about the low light we stated. These are times when the basses are the most active. So, though you might have to keep the time in mind, one has to agree that the time is pretty expansive. You can pretty much catch bass fishes 24 hours a day, albeit with intervals.

Is White Bass Edible?

Many people who haven’t tasted white bass yet have a common question whether these are good to eat or totally inedible. There is a reason for that. White bass has a weird taste. It is like you know you are eating a fish. The fishy taste just never goes away even after a proper cooking process.

A fish not tasting like a fish after cooking is a positive thing. Those of you who are wondering how a fish does not taste like fish, let us be very clear that only after you eat white bass fish or similar fishes, which have a strong fishy taste, will understand what we mean.

Some people are sensitive to the fishy taste in the most ordinary, savory fishes. To get that taste from the white bass, you do not even have to be overly sensitive. So, the only way to remove that fishy taste is to know how to process and cook it.

Are white bass good to eat

So, let’s come to the main point. Are white bass good to eat, yes, it is, but it is also a bit tricky to cook. One can’t cook it like other fishes which are conventionally tasty. Those fishes which with just a five minute boiling doesn’t even taste like a fish. You will find that it’s a fish only due to the look of it and the meat texture. White bass is different.

Before we share the simple process with you, let us tell you one thing, do what may it will never totally go. The taste will be there, but mild. Soaking and the cutting process helps to minimize the fishy taste. Cut the fish properly, keep only the white meat and throw away the red meat. Soak it well in water and then cook with proper spices and seasoning. The fishy taste will be almost gone. Grill, smoke, fry white basses, or cook them with vegetables, there are plenty of options.

Thus, if you are living in the USA and still haven’t enjoyed angling white bass and thought of it to be a fish of no pull, then behold. This tiny, but picky, and not so timid creature can throw a great challenge to all you anglers. Try it to face it. And then you can relish it too.

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