Grass Carp VS Common Carp: Identical Differences

Grass carp and common carp both are freshwater fish found around Asia and Europe. Both of these species contribute a large amount of money to the international fish market every year. As these carps hold quite extensive similarities, you might experience confusion in recognizing them.

Apart from these similarities, there have several differences between grass carp and common carp. These differences lie in their production, cultivation, physical appearance, food habits, growth history, and other fields. However, it will get easier to identify the carp species correctly if you can identify the key features. If you’re planning to get into the carp fisheries industry, it is a must to know about Grass carp VS Common carp. 

Grass Carp:

Grass carps are the most demanded and cultivated fish species around East Asia, Vietnam, and Russia. However, other parts of the world are planning to maximize this species because of their demand in the fishing industry. 

Although this species of carp holds controversy with their growth history, people consider Romans first to catch them.

Grass Carp
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Grass carps were first introduced as gigantic fish for food purposes. As these carps’ lifespan is 5 to 11 years, it seems profitable in the finishing industry. 

However, some cultures still carry this fish as their unique food. Even in China, you can notice quite a massive amount of Grass carp production demand.

Not only as food, but these grass carps are also popular as an aquatic weed controlling method.

By the year 1966, this fish was recognized as a practical element to maintain a healthy ecosystem. 

Common Carp:

Common carps are pretty popular among all of the carp species. This type of fish is known as freshwater fish that holds up a healthy water environment.

Although this species was first found in Asian territory, entire Europe carries a great amount of common carp. The fishing industry every year gets a large amount of profit from common carp.

Common Carp
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Even rich countries like the USA also import these common carps to balance hydrilla growth in their water.

As common carps hold quite a good lifespan of 15 to 20 years, they cause comparatively better profit to the fishing industry. People also produce common carp for eating purposes. It can be turned tasty by cooking in different ways.

However, carp fish is not that popular for food purposes. They carry a great demand in the agriculture branches. 

Grass carp VS Common carp: Identical Differences

Grass carps and common carps are both popular and controversial species in the ecosystem. Both of the species hold quite good demand in the market industry. Despite this, these species stood as a dangerous ecosystem threat.

Grass Carp VS Common Carp
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Both of these cramps are found in local water and look similar in many ways. However, if you know some identical differences about these fishes, they can be introduced at first glance. Let’s get on the core differences here:

Physical Appearance:

  • Common carps are comparatively shorter in height than grass carp. Common carps are longer in length, whereas grass carps are quite huge. 
  • The common carps are found in the colors gray, brown, and yellow. On the other hand, grass carps are mostly found in a yellow and green shade. If there is an exception, the grass carps can also hold silver colors. 
  • One of the most vital identical facts about common carp is barbles. You’ll find two variables on each side of the fish mouth. At the same time, the grass carps don’t have any barbles at all. 
  • The grass carp mouths are quite oblong-shaped, whereas the common carp includes deep body features.
  • Grass carps hold a more oblique mouth, whereas the common carps are downturned. 

Food habits:

  • Common carps are included in omnivorous species. They can rely on both water animals and plants.

Whereas the Grass carp is quite extensive about their food habit, They hold huge appetites according to their growth and living habits. 

Grass Carp food habits
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  • Grass carps are effective for keeping the unnecessary aquatic plants. Their vast appetite for aquatic weed keeps the water clean and healthy.

On the other hand, common carps have a good appetite for other fishes. This thing can create an unsuitable water environment for other fishes in the water.

  • Grass carps can rely on aquatic plants in the water. They can sustain their entire life with different water plants.

On the other hand, common carps require other fish eggs, benthic worms, small fishes, aquatic plants, algae, corn, circumstances, and other things. 

Fishing Tips: Grass carp & Common carp

Although grass carps and common carps don’t hold any identical particular differences, they contain some tips to catch the carps. Let’s give a check on grass carp and common carp fishing methods. 

Grass Carp fishing tips:

  • Grass carps are attracted to corn. So, you can use corn as their suitable type of bait while catching.
  • You better use bait holder hooks while catching the grass carps.
  • While catching grass carps, try to avoid any bright color clothes., Neutral color clothing will make you less noticeable for carps. 
  • You should hold your patience and follow the direction of the carps. Here bubbles can work as a great leader. 
  • You’re casting while fishing grass carp should be slow and gentle. You must have patience during the entire process.

Common carp fishing tips:

Common carp fishing tips
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  • Try to use some dull hooks and microfilament lines while catching common carps.
  • Common carps are a quiet conscious type of species. So, you need to maintain extra consciousness while moving around these finishes. Finishing in an undercover way is the best and effective decision to make with grass carps.
  • The summer season would be the perfect time to catch this type of carps. At this time of the year, they look for food over the water. 
  • Seat patently and follow the bubbles over water. 
  • If you use any PVA bags/ recess as bait, try to recast it every 20 minutes.

Frequently asked questions

Question: Why do most people not eat carp?

Answer: carps are quite a popular and demanding species in the market. Still, people are more likely not to eat them. carp fishes are grown in a bottom-feeding atmosphere. As a result, they hold various types of chemicals in their body. Besides, the carp fish taste is not that pleasant. 

Question: Are grass carp dangerous for ponds?

Answer: It’s better not to cultivate grass carp in ponds. This type of carp can’t reproduce in ponds and also hold a probability of destroying all aquatic plants of the pond. 


Common carps and grass carps are the most vital and demanding species all over the world. In the global fishing market, the demand for these species is increasing day by day. However, most people experience confusion about the difference between these species. Here you’ve read about Grass carp VS Common carp for proper identification. This information will hopefully cut off your further hassle in differentiating them.

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