Is Grass Carp Fishing Easy?

Grass carp fishes are herbivorous and eat plants; the name pretty much says it all. These are freshwater fishes with a broad head, long body, and small eyes.

Grass Carps and Aquatic Plants

Grass Carp Fishing
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Grass carps were mainly introduced in different regions due to their voracious nature regarding the weeds underwater. The aquatic weeds remain under control when a body of water has grass carps in it. Balancing the aquatic weed underwater is very important for the proper habitation of other fish species. If the quantity of weed is too much, it creates an imbalance and occupies the space also. The grass carps eat those plants and weeds, feed their voracious appetite, and devise the right balance.

Grass Carp Fishing

Maximum countries that have introduced grass carps in their various water bodies did it to control the aquatic plant growth, albeit not for angling. Rather than removing those with chemicals, it’s better to stock grass carps that eat the plants and clean the space. The intention is to keep it all safe and natural. It is a different matter that people enjoy grass carp fishing because they are pretty hard to land and put up a great fight. Also, when cooked, the grass fish veers into one tasty dish. But most anglers catch grass carps and then set them off in the same body of water. Nature That Makes Grass Craps Tough to Angle

First of all, these are carp fishes. Carp fishes are, by nature, a tough fighter. So they are not going to take your bait too easily, too soon. Even if they do, you cannot get hold of them without them trying too hard to escape.

Too Picky

Grass craps are voracious eaters but picky as well. They have individual likings about their food. Each grass carp could have different preferences; it’s that iffy. You cannot really know which bait will attract them the most, and they will be lured to get to the bait to get hooked.

Food Abundance

Also, they have plenty of plants and weeds to feed themselves, so unless they are too interested or liked the taste when you threw some bait to lure them, they are not going to eat what you have to offer.

Circumspect Nature

Lastly, grass carps are easily spooked. They are too alert for their own good. Their cautious nature always compels them to be wary. Even a little vibrancy is enough to alert them. Let alone throwing baits or angling them with a fishing line, reel, and a lure hanging and swinging in the water in front of those leery fishes. The movement of the lure or the visible fishing line will be enough to alert the grass carps. That is why anglers always use less visible fishing lines in the case of catching grass carps.

Fishing Equipment

Choosing the right carp fishing equipment is very crucial in angling. You could apply all the requisite carp catching techniques, you know, but a frail fishing line will be enough to fail your most potent approach. So when you are into angling, make sure you invest in high-quality fishing equipment. Not pricey, but high in quality; keep that in mind. And the fishing tools you need to catch grass carps are pretty standard.


  • A long, sturdy, fast action fishing rod (7-10 feet)
  • A robust monofilament fishing line, transparent (25-30lbs)
  • A sharp small circle hook (2/0-1/0)
  • A fishing reel (Accommodating 200 yards of fishing line)
  • Delicious carp bait, herbivore (Feed Corn)
  • Rod holder as it’s a slow process (Optional)


As grass carps relish plant material, we feel the corn is the best carp bait for them. Now, here is the catch. Instead of choosing a shortcut, you must put a little effort into preparing the bait. If we haven’t already mentioned or hinted at it already, then let us do it now. Grass carp fishing is a matter of patience. If you do not have it in abundance, then skip angling this specimen.

Baiting Process

Before the D-day, you will need to bait these fishes for some time, at least. It might take a couple of days. So you will need a lot of corn to throw at them. Shop-bought corn will thus be an expensive idea. Please understand there are many options for grass carps. So unless you do not feed them or invest some time introducing your bait to them and alluring them, the end-result will disappoint you.

Quantity Matters

Instead of buying sweet corn cans, and emptying one after another to almost petting the grass carps, try preparing feed corn. It will save money as the quantity you get in a can is equivalent to nearly five times or more the amount of corn you will prepare at home with regular corn kernels.

Preparing The Feed Corn

Soak the corn in normal water a day prior to your angling mission. Soaking those for 24 hours or more will make them softer, help them cook faster, and increase the corn’s size. After you have soaked the corn well, just throw those in boiled water and cook them. You can add salt in the corn too to add zest.

Time To Angle The Grass Carp

You have the bait ready, and you have all the tools you need, high-quality ones. Now, the thing is, when you have chosen the right region, it could be very much plausible that you will get to angle the grass carp the very first day. If you don’t, even then, the whole waiting and baiting process will eventually add to the method of angling grass carps.

Throw Corns In Intervals

Throw the corm randomly in the water. Hold yourself from throwing it continuously, but in intervals. As we said, a mere throw of corn could turn the grass carp wary. Wait patiently to see whether you have successfully caught the attention of any grass carp. If you could notice one, then you can place your fishing rod to target that.

Keep A Close Eye

If you want, you can hold it as long as you get hold of your targeted grass carp, or you can use a rod holder. We actually prefer a rod holder because the slow process can fatigue your hands pretty badly. Make sure you keep a close eye on your target. A rod holder can make you lose attention.

Try The Hardest

Once you caught the grass carp, try very hard, put all you might, and apply all your fishing techniques to ensure that no matter how hard the fish tries, it cannot escape.

As they say, there is nothing impossible. It only could be a tough task, too challenging to finish. Anglers love challenges, and if lucky, they get these large, chubby beauties after a long adventurous wait. And that pretty much answers that grass carps are not too easy to angle nor impossible. That implies it’s the apt specimen for anglers. So, now you know you need to be patient, hopeful, and well prepared with techniques and tools for a good fight while catching grass carps.

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