Good Carp Fishing Spots in Gauteng

Despite being a small province of South Africa, Gauteng is a crowded place. It covers multiple prosperous cities and a lot of tourist attractions. Every year, many anglers visit there to hunt different types of fishes. There are a wide variety of species available in the lake, river, and dams. In this article, we are about to share details of good carp fishing spots in Gauteng. If you ever feel like catching carps, don’t miss these areas.

good carp fishing sports in Gauteng
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Places to Visit for Carp Fishing in Gauteng

Hartbeespoort Dam

Hartbeespoort Dam Fishing Spot Gauteng
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Hartbeespoort Dam is visited by a lot of anglers and sports enthusiasts every day. It has records of yielding 22kg fishes and even heavier. Impressive, right? Now and then, you will see a school of carps making their way onto the bank. We suggest monitoring the fish activities for some minutes while fishing from the banks. Sooner or later, the beautiful carps will appear in front of your eyes. Also, try to understand their underwater features. A slight depth variation can change their activities. You can not expect the same outcome from different layers. Carps like to roam around the underwater objects. So target the yachts and bridges. People like using mielies and maples for craps. Besides, some hook baits and sweet fruity flavors may give good results.

Vaal Dam

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Well, you will hardly find any fisherman in South Africa who don’t know this place. It is located in Sasolburg city, almost 1.30 hours away from Johannesburg. Apart from the carps, the dam is full of bass and barbel species. Banana baits work best for the carps. You will easily find the baits in the tackle shops. Boat fishing from the deep depths is quite common here. All you need is skills, knowledge, and guidelines from fellow experts. Avoid casting too far as the carbs can ruin your baits. The carp fishing opportunities become high in Summer, especially in the morning. You may capture 10kg carps or above. Avoid fishing in winter because the activeness of the carps slows down then.

Baja Dam

Once someone arrives there, he/she will notice the presence of a lot of boats and jet skis. Surprisingly, they don’t affect the nature of the carps. The fishes are quite active and ready to feed. Banana flavored floaties seem the most productive bait. Dough, pineapple mielies, or corn are also suitable for large carps. However, the hungry fishes get attracted to most boilies. People can reach over 40 carbs per day. Even if they are using the simple lure, getting 20 small carps is possible. You need to have the patience for the big ones because the number of heavy-weighted carps is not high. Focus more on the closer parts because the chance of large fish is high there.

Bronkhorstspruit Dam

Bronkhorstspruit Dam
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It is in the East of Pretoria. Though Bronkhorstspruit is renowned for bass, it is an excellent place for carp fishing as well. The resorts have ample accommodation options and camping facilities. That’s why many people come here just for camping as well as fishing. The guests can try fishing from the shoreline or small boats. The water is clean, and you can easily spot fishes from the bank. Remember, you must take the proper safety gear before going for deepwater carp fishing. The authorities are quite strict about the rules. No boats without fulfilling these requirements are allowed. The most effective bait is yellow banana flavored dips. Carps easily get tricked by the alluring flavor and fall prey to the anglers. People also use sweetcorn and different types of cooked maize pips. If you don’t have these, try with dough, floaties, and earthworms.

Rietvlei Dam

Rietvlei Dam
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There are several camping areas and chalets near this dam. Carp fishing may seem challenging there. Still, the anglers come here because the size of the carps is massive. But you have to be very patient. The conventional floaties are the most used baits. You can use banana, pineapple, and any other fruity flavors. If you fail to get carp for a long time, add earthworm with them. Carps become very active in the early morning. The same goes for the evening and night. Because they keep searching for food during these hours. The best carp fishes can be caught from the shallow water. Therefore, if you go fishing in mid-day, all your effort may go in vain.

Lock nest dam

This dam is situated just outside of Pretoria. Once upon a time, nobody was aware of its existence. Due to pretty noticeable-sized carps, this place is no more secret to the anglers. The majority of the bank is covered by grass and reed beds. With great structures and overhanging trees, it blows everyone’s mind. You will be surprised to know that it has a record of yielding 15.3kg carp. Many visitors also claim to notice bigger than it. It covers large bass and barbel too. The most profitable bait is plain Tigers. Besides, hemp and mielies can be beneficial for a few spots. You can add any fruity flavor to the baits. Fishing can be a little bit tricky. It requires bringing the right boilies and adapting the right tactics to be successful.

Laurentia dam

It is very close to the town. However, natural beauty gives you a taste of the countryside. This venue is blessed with forests and mountains. Moreover, it has some big carp under the water. The monster carps often roam in the shallow water in the early morning and after evening. Loads of overhanging trees make it easier to trick the carps. You have to bring boilies and hemp as the bait. The best method of carp fishing is targeting the underwater structure. Wait for a while, and you will surely get a bite. You may see a school of fishes heading towards you. Cast your bait before their arrival, and you will undoubtedly get a catch. Some carps like to swim in the deepest water of the river bed. Casting rod in 3-4m depths will give a good result for sure.

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    1. Charles_Rushin

      Why not? Here is another great spots in Gauteng where you can catch your favorite fish without disturbance.

      • Bergsig Trout Farm(Total Dam: 5) (Fish available to catch: bass, carp and trout).
      • Brookwood Estate (Total Dam: 5) (Fish available to catch: trout, bass, yellowfish, carp and bream)
      • Aston lake(a small dam) (Fish available to catch: carp, barbel)
      • Hengelaarsvriend (Roodeplaat dam) (Fish available to catch: carp, kurper, barbel)
      • Fun fishing(Alberton) (fish available to catch: Carp, Kurper, Bass, Barbel).

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