Five Best Fisheries for Carp Fishing in Muldersdrift

Muldersdrift is located in the Mogale City of South Africa. It is famous for a lot of lodges, wedding venues, and lunch venues. Also, it covers relaxing spa services, art galleries, fishing spots, and more. That’s why a journey to Muldersdrift can be the best holiday for all. Every year, thousands of anglers visit the area for their fishing mission. The dams of Muldersdrift are full of trouts, carps, and some other species. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 places for carp fishing in Muldersdrift. Let’s get started.

carp fishing in Muldersdrift
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Top 5 Places for Carp Fishing in Muldersdrift

Bergsig Trout Farm

The dam is average in size. It barely beat the dimension of a rugby field. Still, it contains a variety of species. Though this fishery is mostly known for trout, it has a great history of carp fishing as well. The huge carp fishery offers a good chance of getting massive fishes. It has a record of yielding over 19kg of carps. Surprising, right? For this reason, It has been the target of the fisherman for a long time. The authorities also increase the facilities for them to a wide range. With appropriate fishing nets and several unhooking mats, the beginners can try fishing without experience. The most used baits are boilies. But particles are prohibited here. If you know the correct techniques for carp fishing and have suitable gears, there are possibilities of catching monster carps. However, you must focus on the weather forecast, daytime, and size of boilies. The best time for carps fishing is early morning and evening. The professionals also can try carp fishing at night. Avoid carp fishing during midday, especially if you are a shallow-water fisherman.

Kloofzicht Lodge and Spa

People looking for dramatic scenery and natural beauty must visit this place. They can enjoy hours of entertainment by relaxing and fishing. The area consists of six exquisite dams. The amazing main trophy trout dam is located near the lodge. The tourists find two small dams on its sides. Most anglers come here to get a specific type of fishes. Apart from the trouts, they capture bass and carp too. Two dams have the most successful rating for carps. Among all carp fishing techniques, fly fishing for carp is the most popular one. It means the anglers use some artificial flies that mimic the movements of a real fly. The hungry carps often fall prey to the trick. Besides, you can try spin fishing or bait fishing. The performance of the lure varies from dams to dams. All types of bait may give great results in some locations. On the other hand, you may end up catching no carps due to the usage of random baits. So, we suggest checking the records to know which lure works best for a particular spot. Alternatively, take suggestions from the guide and other local anglers.

Gnu Valley Farm

This fishing spot is a place where you can bring the family to enjoy outdoor activities. The eye-catching shady areas and the natural view will blow your mind. There are several splash pools, playgrounds, and other play equipment for children. While the kids will be busy playing, you can pass your time by fishing. Bass, trout, and carp are the three most available fishes here. Both fly fishing and carp bait fishing will give a superior outcome. Since you will notice many reeds, you have to keep exploring the dams to get an ideal spot. Once you find one, you will start getting an impressive amount of bites. Wait in the bank until you see a school of carps. Through your bait just before their arrival. And you will surely get a fish. Target the areas with dense vegetation and underwater structure. Big fishes are often found in these places. Cast the line in the water and wait for a while. Sooner or later, you will get a carp bite for sure. Remember, you have to be super-patient.

Laurentia Farm

It is another top-rated fishing paradise of Muldersdrift. Enchanting hills and forests surround the place. It is right next to the town. Still, you will feel the countryside vibe. Above all, plenty of giant fishes roam under the freshwater. The top two species are carps and bass. The triangular dam is not too big but small at all. Various overhanging trees, reeds are in the band of the dam. They make it easier to capture fish. You can only use boilies here. Sometimes, you may get permission to use hemp from time to time. The authorities mostly use pellets to feed the fishes. You can use them to catch carps as well. They are available in any local tackle store at a reasonable price. Try to cast your rod near to the underwater structures. Moreover, keeping the line in deeper depth will give some bites. 3 to 4m depth is enough for carps. In this way, getting 8 to 16 kg carps is possible. If you are lucky, you will get around 4 to 5 big carps. Be sure of obeying the rules here because the safety standards are pretty high.

Brookwood Estate Trout Farm

As the name suggests, trout are its most famous fish of this estate. At the same time, it provides many opportunities for other fishes, including carps. It holds a total of 5 well-stocked fish dams. Their depth ranges from 3 – 5m. Three of them support only fly fishing methods. These offer the heaviest trout in Gauteng. The largest dam yields heavy-weighted bass, yellowfish, carp, etc. If you use floaties to catch carps, they can be consumed by the trouts. So, be careful in choosing the right lures. You are welcome to keep the trouts but have to release the others. One more dem is across the bridge that contains Carp and Barbel only. According to the owner, you can get carps above 20kgs in this dam. In the fifth dam, you will get either bass or carp. No signs of trouts or other fishes. There is a record of getting 18kgs of carp. People mainly arrive here to set a new record during the fishing season.

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