Crucian Carp Fishing

Crucian carp belongs to a freshwater fish family named Cyprinidae. They are a shy biting species as the float barely moves while consuming a lure. Then, how can we drag them out of the water? All we have to do is wait until sensing a little pull or other indication of taking our bait. These fishes are abundant in various fisheries of Asia and Europe. However, an angler might not find them in all water reservoirs. Even choosing an ideal fishery is not enough. Fishing will be difficult unless anyone follows these techniques:

Tactics to Get Crucian Carp

Crucian Carp Fishing
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Know their appearance

Lots of people cannot differentiate between crucian carps and a few look-alikes, especially wild goldfish. So, everyone should remember some basic features to identify them. On an average case, they grow up to 6 to 12 inches with bronze or golden shades. The lateral line is quite noticeable in their flat figure. Although the average weight of UK carps lies within 6oz to 1lb 8oz, the heaviest one weighs 4lb 9oz. A convex dorsal fin with 15 or fewer rays and rounded snout make them unique. Young fishes can be recognized by a black spot at their tail’s base. As they grow up, it eventually disappears. Sometimes, people can’t decide whether the catch is a common carp or a crucial carp. Open its mouth to check the barbel. If there are no barbels around the mouth, it is a crucian carp.

Find out the right spots

The chances of getting bites are high in slow-flowing water streams. Therefore, prioritize searching swampy ponds, calm rivers, canals, and overgrown lakes. They can adapt to critical conditions such as cold temperature, polluted environment, and low-oxygen supply. If they ever face droughts, they cover themselves in the mud for a couple of weeks. It helps them to survive. The majority prefer living in shallow waters. Target the areas with submerged underwater vegetation. If you trace a place with reeds or weed beds, wait there for a while. Sooner or later, a school of fishes will be heading towards it. According to the qualified anglers, these carps like to roam around lily pads and overhanging trees. Their existence varies based on the location and seasonal change. So, try to seek help from the local experts.

Use the right baits

These fishes are mainly bottom feeders. They swim near the thick bottom and feed on aquatic plants. Occasionally, they migrate to the upper layers for insect larvae. Free lining methods work the best during surface feeding moments. You can use floating bread crusts as baits. Also, people carry several items for catching shallow water inhabitants and bottom feeders. Dog foods, cat foods, cornmeal, dough baits are some recommended baits. Besides, the more cost-efficient options are chopped worms, maggots, and sweetened corn. The handmade baits also give the same performance as the commercial ones.

Summer is the best season

As non-greedy feeders, they keep eating the baits slowly instead of swallowing instantly. As a result, we don’t see much float movement. Often, the fisherman does not even understand that his bait is gone. Additionally, they become less interested in food in less favorable months. That’s why you should go fishing, considering the time. They take most lures after dawn and in the late evening during summer days. Hot springs days give some decent results as well. In winter, they lessen regular activities to cope up with the food shortage. Only luck can favor us to get a bite.

Prepare your tackle

Many use heavy tackles to survive aggressive carp fights. But it may not always be suitable for a crucian carp. Go for a lightweight yet solid feeder rod that has an adequate margin of power. Its length can reach up to 3.90 meters or more depending on the lake diameter. Plenty of people recommend fast action rods for short or medium distances. When it comes to lines, braided models seem useful. It should be sufficiently thin to trick the carp’s eyesight. Pick a small but strong circular hook rather than large varieties. An 18 will bear the load of casters or maggots. Switch to 16 while using corn or pellets. If you already own a big hook, make sure to cover it with baits before casting.

Apply the perfect method

Among multiple crucian carp fishing methods, float fishing is the best one. It acts well with a small hook and basic bait. Whenever you see a shoal of fish, set your trap. The float helps us in the detection of shy-biters because it represents the exact bait location. As the bait takes place right under the float, you can throw lines in the same place again. Plus, it enables you to adjust the bait position in different depths. Then, you will be able to drag fish from any depth, not only the bottom. Waggler floats are simple, sensitive, and slow water compatible. As the name suggests, the river floats to match the fishing scene in a river.

Important fishing rules

Assume the depth

Do some research about your target fishery. Figure out which depth contains a high amount of crucian carp and cast bait accordingly.

Do not cause water disturbance

These cautious fish get scared of little water vibrations. So, stay in the shoreline without getting into the water. Use small lures that do not produce large sounds for shallow water fishing.

Buy invisible gear

A fish never bite the bait when it can see the hook and line. Transparent or camouflage tools can be the solution. Or, you can use colored items matching the surroundings.

Take different sizes and types of bait

Attaching different foods on a hook increases performance. They will release more potent attractants than a single one. Their size plays an essential role in managing the position in different water layers.

Maintain a low casting rate

Continuous casting will alert the fishes. Rest for a few minutes after the last trial.

What can speed up biting

Carps love the sweet fruit flavor such as banana, peach, pineapple, etc. Other flavorful substitutes are nuts, vanilla, and chocolate.

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