Crappie Fishing with Minnows and Bobber

Fishing crappie may seem very easy, but it requires different methods and strategies. But there is no need to worry because there are various techniques to do crappie fishing and become a pro. Minnows are used to catch a large number of crappie, and this has enabled crappie fishing to become very simple.

Crappie Fishing with Minnows and Bobber

There are many methods to put a minnow effectively, like using a hook to bait crappie. You need to cast out minnows, which is set below the bobber and start hauling crappie. When doing crappie fishing, you need to be patient to catch more crappie. I will give you some important tips that will help you fish achieve crappie fishing with minnows and bobber.

Procedures to follow when hooking a bait minnow

If you don’t know how to hook a bait minnow, follow these simple steps below.

  • Fishing minnows at the tail

When a minnow is hooked at the tail, it becomes the best and the simplest method for angling the live minnows. You need to take the minnow and push the hook and locate it at tails middle part. This will enable the minnow to swim around and drew the attention of the crappie fish. The only drawback of using this method is when only crappies hit the head first. Be patient and wait for the hook to settle.

  • Hook through the top part

Instead of placing the hook at the tail, push the hook through the middle top back below the dorsal fin. This will enable the minnow to shake on the bot sides, resulting in it to create a lot of commotion and destruction, which results in triggering a lot of biting from the crappie fish.

  • Attaching through both lips

In this process, attach the hook directly at the chin of the minnow. Then make a smooth pierce at both lips at the head. Lastly, you need to shut all the lips completely. This is the best effective process as the crappie will attach first at the head where the hook is placed. The main disadvantage of this method is that thee minnow will not be able to intake water and effectively breathe, resulting in death.

  • Mouth and snout hooking

This is one of the most preferably used methods used in fishing crappie as it is more effective. The main advantage of this is that minnow stays alive longer. Attach the hook at the head and the front mouth of the minnow. The crappie fish will attack the head, resulting it to land directly at the baited hook.

Crappie Fishing with Minnows and Bobber
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  • Hooking through the mouth and back

Insert the hook directly in the mouth of the minnow, pass down to the gullet and then pass the hook out across the midpoint top back. This method of pawning is advantageous as it keeps the angler minnow on the hook for a long time before it dies. There is no need to rig a live minnow as they tend to die fast.

Placing Classic Slip Bobber to Fish Crappie

Using classic bobber is one of the most efficient, productive, and easiest ways to fish for crappie any time of the year. When fishing shallow, use a fixed bobber, which is set at foot level. When fishing brush of piles or at the standing timbers located at the deeper waters, it is recommendable to use slip bobber, which is placed at the level you can find the crappie suspended at the covers.

  • Insert the line to pass on the tube

Start by shoving the cut located at the end of the angling cord to pass at the black tube. Pull a couple of several strings through the fishing rod and away from the direction of the slip.

  • Drag the slip off from the black tube and move it to the reel

After the angler has pilled the fishing rod to pass across the black tube, separate the linking slip from the tube. The next step is achieved when one takes the black artificial tube and pull it further away from the fishing rod and pulling it entirely away from the fishing line. It is recommended to pull the slip across the rod and not the plastic tube as this will result in the tube located above to slip away, causing one to stuck the angling line.

  • Bead the ends of the slips after pulling both sides

To achieve this effectively, hold both tag ends of the slip and then pull it close-fitting. One is not supposed to pull like a monster tight, but it is needs to applying less effort. Bead is to be set immediately after the slip has been pulled tight by the crappie angler.

  • Insert a slip bobber onto the intended fishing line hole

Slip bobbers are made in different shapes, shapes, and colors. It has a small hole at the top and a big one at the bottom. One is needed to insert a line on the first small hole. The top hole is smaller because it meets the stop

  • Hooks and sinkers are attached

Attach the hooks with the aid of slip shot sinker or jig head, which aids keeping live minnows on the hooking line to wait for the crappie fish. You need enough mass to cast the minnow out.

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The use of bobbers and minnows in the fishing of the crappie fish has become one of the most effective methods as a large quantity of fish is caught using these methods. Choosing the best method will help you fish more crappie. As crappie are very sensitive to color best bobber colors could be used to draw the crappie attention. When the process of hooking is used keenly with the minnows, it will result in a higher yield of the crappies. Patience is needed to wait for the crappie fish to appear. A combination of minnow and bobbers produces the best results.

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