10 Carp Fishing Tips Every Fisher Should Know

Carp fishing is a popular fun activity. Our heart becomes full of joy when we catch a carp, especially the big ones. But it can be a struggle unless we know the basic techniques. If you are a newcomer and have less idea about them, we are here to help you out. Here are the best carp fishing tips which will give you the best carp capturing experiences.

carp fishing tips
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Best 10 Carp Fishing Tips

  1. The venue

Picking the right fishing spot is one of the essential preparations. Many commercial lakes are paced with lots of fishes regardless of the season and weather conditions. Don’t waste your time by choosing a distant location. If you forget any fishing kit by mistake, you should be able to grab them from home immediately. Start researching before anything else. The web is full of details about the ideal nearby lakes.

  1. Weather

No matter which outdoor activity you prefer, you have to be comfortable. The fish movements also change according to the weather. In many areas, weather changes without warning. So, be prepared for all situations. Don’t forget to bring your zig as well as floater fishing tools and different baits along with you. Make sure to wear the appropriate clothes, carry some spare clothes, weatherproof boots, and other essentials. Have a walk around the lake to detect the wind direction. When the direction changes, the movements of the fish will follow it as well.

  1. Baits

Sometimes, the anglers keep changing the baits again and again as they fail to attract the fishes. It happens if you target the wrong fishing spots or use the bait, which the carps don’t like. We suggest trying high-quality boilie as well as sticking to it. After the first catches, you will get more fish every day. Most of us either use freezer or shelf-life according to our preference. The freezers include some preservatives and therefore, can be used in more than one session. On the other hand, shelf-lives remain more effective for extended periods. If you are still confused, have a look at the recent fish-catching reports. Check which carp bait is useful for your chosen area.

  1. Fishing line

Don’t use braids for fishing at a distance. But they work excellent for close range. As it has non-stretching properties, it offers better bite indication. As a result, you will achieve the best accuracy with casting. It is more resistant to abrasion. You can find them in modern custom camouflage colors to trick the fishes. Fluorocarbon is not visible underwater.  Such lines sink well too. They are elastic and come in a slippery texture to dodge the obstacles quickly. Some debris and particles often gather on such lines and make them visible. For this reason, clean them thoroughly before casting into the water. The monofilament line consists of a single nylon strand. Their stretchy feature provides the required breaking strain. As you can assume, it is not as accurate as the braid.

  1. Hook

You have to select the right-size hook for the best result. Though many anglers use 8-size hooks, 4-size and 6-size are best for capturing carps with corn. The circle hooks utilize a curved shank that makes them superior to the other types. Due to their turning action, you no longer have to set the hook. The hooks appear in either barbed or barbless structure. A few areas restrict the use of barbed ones to keep the fishes safe from injury. Once the barbed hook gets into the carp’s mouth, they can’t escape easily. The drawback is they are more prone to be snagged. So, choose wisely.

  1. Different boilies

Try to bring boilies of all available sizes. The larger bodies can easily draw the attention of the carps. Of course, you should check which size matches the hook you will be using. Using larger boilies than the hook tolerance will ruin the effectiveness of your fishing kit. The 10mm and smaller baits are made for catching small carps where at least 20mm size is needed for finding a 25lbs carp.  In most cases, 14mm to 16mm ones are used to get heavy-weighted fishes.

  1. Carp location

Some areas have more probability of having carps. They love swimming in spots with weed beds as well as lily pads. Such places are full of natural food supplies, so that they like being there. Also, find the other corners with natural food items. These smart species also seek for secure shelter where they will be safe from dangers. So, target around small trees, bushes, and rocks. Check the water outlets and running fountains during summer days because they roam there for sufficient oxygen supply. They like to stay in shallow water and deep water during hot and cold times, respectively. Underwater drop-offs and rapid slopes are also in their priority list.

  1. Rods

The rod type and size should be comfortable for you. If you have various rods, try all of them to know which one is working the best. The longer rod can grab the fish from father areas. They deliver better accuracy in casting and surviving the obstacles. While fishing in large areas, smaller rods can be the reason for your disappointment. But they may work fine under some situations like carp fishing in a small pond/lake.

  1. Casting

Remember, the proper gesture is your key to success. So, carry a rod such that it makes you comfortable to perform the correct action.  Calculate the distance first. Maintain proper balance and enough foot strength while casting. Hold the rod tightly and lead that hand forwards. Make a whipping motion for maximum efficiency.

  1. Prebaiting

It is a combination of strategies to catch the fish easily. Boilies are undoubtedly one of the most necessary items, but they cost too much while baiting up in bulk. So, use particles instead of the boilies for prebaiting. They are usually small and assist in tricking the bigger fish. If you continue supplying foods in a specific location, the carps are more likely to stay there for a long time.

Try our recommended methods, and you will be amazed to see the results. Happy carp fishing.

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