Carp Fishing Spots in South Africa

South Africa is known for its diverse body of water. There is no dearth of freshwater resources there. From dams, rivers to ponds and lakes, the vast coastline covers several water bodies. In these freshwater resources, there are plenty of fish species living and spawning. And that for an angler is a treasure chest. Trout, Bass, Carp, Yellowfish, Catfish, these are some very common freshwater fishes. Also, they are the anglers’ favorites. Unlike many countries, anglers in South Africa are very much satisfied with carp fishing. I mean, where will they go to find such big fishes that too a specimen that is known to put up a tough fight while caught in the hook.

Carp Fishing Spots in South Africa
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Anglers’ Pick

Carp fishes, as we all know, are not for everyone to eat. Those who can eat carp fish relish it. However, plenty of people cannot tolerate the fishy smell carp fishes have even after cooking them well. Only a few restaurants in South Africa actually know how to prepare and serve a tasty dish out of rather smelly carp fishes. So, the anglers in South Africa mostly enjoy carp fishes for angling. They angle carp fishes of every size, some really big ones too, and then drop them in the water again.

Carp Fishing Spots in South Africa

Big carp fishes are available in abundance in several dams, both open and private, lakes and rivers. You might be standing near one, who knows. Thus, finding the popular carp fishing spots in south africa wouldn’t be much difficult. Keep in mind that some sites might have stopped letting the carp fishes spawning. Carp fishes tend to overpower other fishes either by feeding themselves from every water level, bottom to the top, and there is nothing left for the other fishes to feed themselves. Or by eating the other fishes near them. So other fishes don’t stay in an area that has carp fishes because ultimately they wouldn’t survive. Therefore, some of the spots that were once popular for carp fishing might not be popular anymore. So, that leaves us with very many options to share with you. But the good news is those places have carp fishes in abundance.

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Breede River

If you are ready to catch some big carps, you need to visit Bonnievale River Lodge situated in the Breede River at once. This portion of the Breede river has big carps roaming all over at night. So you will have to be prepared with your tools and fishing equipment for big carp fishes and night time fishing. If you didn’t know, carp fishes are most active when it’s dark. So the best time to carp fishing is before dawn or after dusk. Basically, when it is dark and no light outside. The Breede River big carps are very much keeping their carp traits intact.

Vaal Dam

Vaal Dam is another popular spot in South Africa known for carp fishing. In this dam, they have different types of carps, common and Grass. And it also has other fishes to angle for the anglers. So even if you targeted carp fishes to angle and failed, there are chances you will end up having other specimens taking your bait. Mind you, the other fishes that spawn in this dam are not some random fishes. You have Big Barbel, Bass fishes, Yellow Fishes in here. These are all on top at an angler’s favorite’s list.

The Impofu Dam

For angling large common carp, Impofu Dam is the right spot. It has Smallmouth and Bigmouth Bass fishes in here at a great number. So you might be thinking the common carp spawning and wandering in this dam might be small in number. But trust us when we say Impofu Dam will definitely get you your first large common carp. You just need to have patience and apply correct carp fishing techniques.

Lake Pleasant

Lake Pleasant is an artificial reservoir with a surface area of 3700 acres. It is among one of those water bodies that have every fish possible. From Bass fishes of varied kinds to Sunfish, crappie, and catfish, it has a variety of species. But most importantly, it has common carps available. Among all these fish species, it has correctly inhabited common carps. That, too, without disturbing those other fishes’ natural survival.

Carp Fishing Spots in South Africa 2
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Inanda Dam

Inanda Dam Reservoir is located near KwaZulu-Natal. A variety of fish species are available in this dam, especially Bass fishes. However, it is also known for having moderately sized carp fishes as well. So, the anglers who love carp fishing always keep an eye on this popular fishing spot in South Africa. It will help if you do the same too.

Loskop Dam

It is highly unlikely that a lake or dam full of carp fishes will be right beside your house. If it is, you are one lucky angler, though, we must say. Anyhow, then fishing carps, of course, will not be a one-day affair for you. You will have to spend days catching the big bad carp. So, there are no alternatives to camping near the fishing site. And Loskop Dam is known for providing camping facilities to the anglers. Most importantly, it has every kind of fishes in here, different types of Bass, varied types of carps, including Mirror carp. So, no matter which type you are angling, you have plenty to choose from and enjoy the whole fishing experience. However, for carp fishing lovers, this is sweet heaven.

Komati River

Though this one is for anglers who want some Tigerfishes to angle, carp fish anglers wouldn’t be too disappointed angling here. It is large enough to habitat carp fishes and Big Barbels alongside the abundant quantity of Tiger Fishes.

Never expect to have carp fish hanging from your fishing rod the day you arrive at one of the dams or lakes and cast in your rod. Carp fishes are not easy prey to catch. Even though these spots are very popular as carp fishes habitation, that in no way means carp fishes will self invite themselves for hooking to your fish hook. That’s the beauty of carp fishing where the specimen will fight, and you might fail to catch even one during your whole trip. So, make sure you have honed your fishing skills and techniques well before visiting these popular South African carp fishing spots.

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