Can You Fiberglass Over Aluminum Boats – Does it Work?

Fiberglass over aluminum boats will always be preferred as the fiberglass is heavier and will allow the hull to break through the waves. This allows the boat to stay balanced during the ride. Fiberglass on boats requires low maintenance with higher strength.

The application of fiberglass over aluminum boats should be done with proper technique. Any flaw in the procedure will doesn’t meet your expectation and also won’t provide you a solid result.

You can definitely fiberglass over aluminum. This can be done by using a layer of epoxy on the surface. Before applying the fiberglass, you should rub the aluminum surface with abrasive paper to remove the aluminum oxide. 

How to Fiberglass Over Aluminum?

Well, the procedure is quite simple but you have to be skilled in repairing issues. First of all, turn the boat upside down as this will provide you with a solid idea about the area of the surface. If it’s too big then it would be quite tough to cover. On the other hand, a smaller boat makes the cover effective. The surface should be completely cleaned before applying the fiberglass over aluminum.

Can You Fiberglass Over Aluminum Boats
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You will be required to use strong epoxy to stick the materials together. You can use polyester glue as this bonds well with plastic and metal materials. The adhesive bond is resistant to water as well.  The polyester resin should be waxed for the last layer. As the unwaxed resin may create chemical bonds with oxygen and require you to clean the surface again.

Use a fiberglass of 150 G/M^2 “E” or 600 g/M^2 Bi-Axial based on the surface and budget. Lay them off on the surface with proper care. You should attach the fiberglass with the help of any mechanical tool as this will make the material stick together perfectly. Finally, you may paint the bottom surface with any marine paint. After the painting, wait for at least 24 hours. This is all about the application.

Benefits of Fiberglass Boat

Fiberglass boat was a common type of boat for the last 30-40 years. They are still popular among the fisherman and other users. Before applying the fiberglass, you should have an idea about the advantages of fiberglass over aluminum boats. There are a couple of advantages that will be worth the budget you’re investing in.  

Fiberglass boats are easy to maintain. You won’t be required to waste a lot of time taking care of your boat. There will be comparatively fewer fixing issues if you fiberglass over an aluminum boat. You will be able to clean the boat easily because of the smooth surface. The fiberglass boats are easier to push through the water. Thus the ride will be balanced and smooth as well.

In addition, the fiberglass over aluminum will provide you a quieter ride than usuals. This will help you to have a comfortable ride. You won’t get dizzy even after a couple of hour’s ride.  The boat can be kept in water for a few months and the exterior will stay exactly like new.


Does fiberglass corrode aluminum?

Not at all. Fiberglass won’t damage the aluminum and the application will enhance the durability of the aluminum.

Does a fiberglass boat ride better than aluminum?

Yes, fiberglass boats ride better than aluminum as the fiberglass is heavier than the aluminum. Thus, the boat provides a balanced ride and helps to break the waves.

Does Gluvit work on aluminum boats?

Gluvit is a recommended one for use on aluminum boats. The glue will be able to seal leaky seams and rivet in aluminum hulls. The glue takes a long time to work but makes an effective seal.

How long do fiberglass boats last?

This actually depends on multiple factors. Normally, a fiberglass boat lasts for more than fifty years. This is a lifetime investment you can say.

Is it bad to leave a fiberglass boat in the water?

It won’t make an effect if you leave your boat in the water. If the boat is perfectly protected then there is no problem. You should perform a routine check of the boat to ensure a better run.

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Final Words

Fiberglass over aluminum will be a great repair if you can do the methods exactly how they should be. You will have a better ride than before and the boat will stay durable for a long time. Before purchasing a fiberglass, make sure that you are using the premium quality fiberglass and other equipment as well. Cleaning the surface before repairing is also a major part of the process. Fiberglass will surely provide you a waterproof seal and excellent finish.

4 thoughts on “Can You Fiberglass Over Aluminum Boats – Does it Work?”

  1. What I would like to do is create an aluminum frame and a hard baker board over the frame and fiber over all. Hopefully create a stronger long lasting sailboat.
    What are your thoughts?

  2. Aluminum boats are vulnerable to hard grounding and collision so they need require significant maintenance. Your article helped me a lot, I can easily patch holes and leaking seams in my aluminum vessels and not worry about sinking when I’m absent.

  3. Apply an epoxy glue and density filler mixture to strengthen the patch from the inside out. The boat or just the repaired portions can be painted again to serve as camouflage. Your craft is now prepared to be put to the test on the water!

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