Can You Eat Muskie Fish?

The muskie fish, becoming a close relative of the pike fish, is a predator-type fish. The size of the fish is bigger than pike fish, and it is very oxygen-sensitive. As a result, if you ever catch this fish, a question can appear in your mind, “Can you eat muskie fish?”. 

Yes, you can. This fish has a big body and comes with lots of flesh. The flesh doesn’t have any strong flavors. It also contains a very low level of oil. So you won’t get any fishy odor from this fish.

This fish is also very nutritious for our bodies. From this, we can get minerals like calcium and potassium and vitamins like vitamin A and vitamin b-12. This fish also contains fatty acids, which are very helpful for our hearts. So if you want, you can try this fish.

Can you eat muskie fish?

Yes, you can eat muskie fish. But the answer becomes no if you are a woman who has a baby in her womb or a baby whose age is less than eight years old. The muskie is indeed a fish that provides different body elements and vitamins to our bodies. 

Can You Eat Muskie Fish?
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The saturated fats that this fish provides decrease the rate of heart disease in our bodies. This fish can also be eaten in many ways with different seasonings. Different types of spices make this fish meat tastier. 

However, this fish contains a high level of mercury, which is very harmful to our bodies. So you shouldn’t eat this fish more than once a month as a primary dish.

The health benefits of eating muskie fish

This fish has a lot of health benefits. They are described below. 

Nutrition value of muskie fish

If you consume 85 grams of muskie fish every day, you’ll get 75 calories, around 4% of your daily calorie requirements.

This fish has no harmful carbohydrates or sugars that might harm your health. On the other hand, this fish is devoid of any nutritious fiber. Water comprises about 82% of the weight of this fish, which is very vital for the human body.

This fish also had 33 milligrams of sodium, 220 milligrams of potassium, and 16 grams of protein, which met 1% of our daily sodium, 5% of our daily potassium, and 32% of our daily protein needs.

We get minerals from muskie fish

Muskie fish is correspondingly high in food minerals. Minerals are not produced by our cells, as we all know. Minerals can be found in a variety of places. This fish could be able to provide the minerals in your body. Minerals are required for our organs and skeletons to evolve.

They’re also required for the production of red blood cells and enzymes and the transmission of oxygen. Minerals also boost our immune systems. Some minerals, like salt and calcium, help cells grow and keep blood pressure in check.

We get saturated fat from this fish

The fatty acids found in the muskie fish are beneficial to our bodies. This fatty acid is necessary for our bodies to decrease heart disease risk. This fatty acid also helps to reduce embryonic body dysmorphia like triglycerides.

You may consume this fish if you have difficulties with atherosclerotic plaques. This fish’s fatty oil reduces the risk of this condition. False albacore has 3 grams of edible fat per 2 ounces or 4% of your daily fat requirements.

The risks of eating muskie fish 

No, consuming muskie fish has no negative consequences. However, there is indeed a limit to how much more of this fish you should consume. A limit has been set to eat this fish as it carries mercury in its flesh, which is harmful to human health. 

The mercury in their bodies comes from the food they eat. If you eat undercooked muskie fish, mercury may enter your body. Mercury is a particularly dangerous element that may affect the developing bodies of youngsters. If you consume mercury on a regular basis, your body may generate cancer cells. 

As a consequence, it is not recommended to consume raw fish. Some limitations and guidelines are provided by Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources for eating this fish. According to their guidelines, women who will give birth to children or small children shouldn’t eat this fish.

They also said that the mercury level of this fish is very high. A grown man shouldn’t eat this fish meat more than once a month.

How do you cook muskie? 

There are a lot of recipes for eating muskie fish. Two of them are described below.

Deep-fried Muskie croquettes

You can serve muskie fish this way to increase its taste. The procedure is described below.

The time needed to prepare this food

50 minutes

Needed ingredients

  • Four pounds minced muskie flesh.
  • Five medium red potatoes, mashed (approximately 3 cups).
  • 2/3 cup finely chopped green onion.
  • ½ cup finely diced yellow onion.
  • Tony Chachere’s seasoning, to taste.
  • Zatarain’s or Louisiana Fish Fry.
  • Canola oil.
  • Paper bag or plastic food storage box with a tight-sealing lid.
  • Frying pan thermometer.

Cooking procedure

Follow the process perfectly to get the best flavor out of this fish meat. 

Step 1: Creating patties from muskie meat
  • First, put the muskie meat in a mixture and pulse it. 
  • Now pour all the meat into a perfectly cleaned bowl. 
  • Pour the mashed potatoes, onions, and different spices into that bowl. 
  • Now pulse all of them perfectly.
  • When they are perfectly minced, put them on a plate. 
  • Make 2 inch wide and 0.5-inch-thick patties from that minced mixture. 
Step 2: Preparing a skillet for frying 
  • Take a skillet. 
  • Put it on a gas stove. 
  • Fire the stove at a medium-high temperature. 
  • Now pour some oil into it. 
  • Wait until the temperature of the oil reaches 350 degrees Celsius. 
  • Now add 0.5 cups of Zatarain’s or Louisiana fish fry to that skillet. 
Step 3: Deep frying the muskie fish patties
  • When the fish fry is perfectly cooked, pour some patties into that skillet. 
  • Make sure you don’t add a lot of patties at a time, or the patties won’t be perfectly cooked. 
  • Check the temperature of the oil all the time. 
  • Every 3 minutes, change the sides of the patties. 
  • Fry them until each side of the fish patties becomes brown.

When the muskie fish meat patties are perfectly fried, serve them with lemon and the desired sauce, like tartar sauce or tomato ketchup.

Cake made of muskie fish meat

You can try this recipe if you are a spicy cake lover. The procedure is very simple, and the preparation time is not that much. The procedure is described below.

The preparation time for this recipe

It usually takes under 30 minutes.

The number of required ingredients 

A total of nine ingredients are required for this recipe. 

The list of the ingredients

  • A half-cup of mayonnaise.
  • One large beaten egg.
  • One teaspoon of Dijon mustard.
  • One tsp. Worcestershire sauce.
  • A half-teaspoon of hot sauce.
  • One pound of pre-cooked muskie filets, broken into small pieces (see below for instructions).
  • Twenty saltine crackers, finely crushed.
  • Canola oil, 1/4 cup.
  • Lemon wedges for serving.

Cooking process

Follow every step precisely and perfectly to get the perfect flavor. 

Step 1: Steaming the muskie meat
  • First, take a colander. 
  • Make sure to wash it perfectly. 
  • Now put one pound of muskie meat filet in it. 
  • Use some aluminum foil to cover the colander. 
  • Now take a large pot or skillet and pour some boiling water into it. 
  • After that, place the colander in that large skillet or pot. 
  • Let the fish meat steam for at least 8 minutes, up to 10 minutes. 
  • Check whether they are cooked enough or not. 
Step 2: Preparing the seasonings and the muskie meat
  • Take a small bowl.
  • Pour all the wet ingredients into that bowl. 
  • Now use a mixture to mix them all. 
  • Use a fork and knife to cut all the half-cooked meat of the muskie fish into small pieces. 
  • Put all these pieces in a bowl and coat them with some cracker crumbs. 
  • When the fish meat is coated enough, dip the meat into the mixture with the help of a spatula. 
  • Put all the pieces on a plate after they are dipped perfectly. 
  • Cover the plate with a lid and put that plate in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour. 
Step 3: Making patties with the fish meat
  • Take a 1/3-cup.
  • Put some fish meat into that cup to make a mound. 
  • Create seven mounds, just like in the upper process. 
  • Use those mounds to make eight patties. 
  • The thickness of the patties should be one and a half inches. 
Step 4: Frying these patties
  • Take a large skillet. 
  • Put it on the stove and wash it perfectly. 
  • Fire up the stove to medium-high heat. 
  • Pour some oil into that skillet. 
  • When the oil is heated enough, put the patties in that skillet. 
  • Start by frying them. 
  • Make sure to fry them until both sides of the patties become golden. 

When the patties are cooked perfectly, serve them with lemon and sauces.


Check the section below if you have questions related to this topic.

What does musky taste like?

The muskie meat has a mild flavor that almost tastes like lobster meat with creamy butter. The fish meat doesn’t have any strong flavors, and it doesn’t contain much oil. You also won’t get any muddy flavor from this fish. With the help of spices, the fish can be prepared in different recipes from different cuisines.

What kind of fish is a muskie?

The muskie is actually a freshwater predator fish in North America. It’s also a very close relative of the pike fish.

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However, the body of this fish is bigger than pike fish. The fish meat is mild and doesn’t have any strong flavors. These fish eat both small fish and plants.


The muskie fish is very big, and it is a close relative of the pike fish. That’s why this fish also looks like a bigger-sized pike fish. The fish also have sharp teeth, which help this fish catch small fish so that they can eat them.

This predator-looking body structure and behavior can raise a question in your mind: “Can you eat muskie fish?” Yes, you can. This fish has very tasty meat and doesn’t have much oily flavor. It also provides important food elements for our bodies. 

But there are some limitations to eating this fish because it contains a high level of mercury. Women who have babies in their wombs and children shouldn’t eat this fish. Also, a grown man should eat only one pound of this fish per month.

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