Are Jack Crevalles Good To Eat- Cooked And Tasted?

Jack crevalle isn’t your everyday fish, but you can enjoy it anytime you want. Jack crevalle is also known as yellow cavalla, trivially, common jack, black cavalla, is a popular fish often seen in the tropical water of the Atlantic ocean. If you have ever been fishing in south Florida, you might have heard about them.

Most anglers consider Jack crevalle as a junk fish because they think that the flesh cannot be eaten. They are common for use as bait or for chum.

But the question is, “Are jack crevalle good to eat- cooked and tasted?”- the short answer is yes. They are as good as the way they are cooked. Just ask an angler; they would not agree with the idea of this fish being good to eat. Let me remind you this; they are very tough and strong at the tasting.

In this article, we will show you how to cook jack crevalle correctly so you don’t get a bitter taste while eating them.

Are Jack Crevalle Good To Eat- Cooked And Tasted?

As we said earlier. You can eat a jack crevalle. But the main question is how you are going to actually cook it. The taste relies on the way you cook it. There are a lot of spices out there to get rid of the fishy taste, we recommend you to use them. Also, you can try to add some lime juice to the mix to increase the taste of the fish.

Are Jack Crevalles Good To Eat?
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However, there are some important tips and steps to follow if you want to have the best taste. Those are given below-

  • These fish are incredible swimmers, definitely, they will have a strong blood flow throughout the body. It would be best to bleed out the fish just after you catch it. This will make the fish edible. Cut the gills off, and the blood will automatically flow out until nothing is left.
  • Try to keep the fish fresh as much as you can. Once you bleed out the fish, store it in a cold place like in a lot of ice and keep it away from the sun and heat.
  • We advise you to avoid the lion area where the bloodline is found. While many people prefer to eat the bloodline of fish, this fish isn’t your typical everyday fish. It is a lot darker. It also has a weird taste that may not go well for everyone.

How To Fillet A Jack Crevalle Fish?

If you plan to fillet the fish, there are a few steps you should follow. If you want the perfect taste, then you should read this one very carefully-

Step 1: Once you bleed the fish out, start filleting it. Insert a knife deeply into the backbone. Gently run it down along the dorsal line. Cutting down the backbone will help to carve the bloodline out.

Step 2: Next, go back to the Pectoral fin and try your best to get an angled cut or little strips through the belly to the tail. Once you finish your cutting, free up the loins and cut the bloodline out of the body.

Step 3: Clean the cut meat using a saltwater hose. Don’t use fresh water for rinsing; this may affect the taste of the fish. At this point, you can add some seasoning to your fish.

How To Cook A Jack Crevalle?

Once you are done with your filleting and cleaning using the above techniques, you have completed the most challenging part of the process. Now you can follow any cooking recipes. Some of us prefer it char-grilled, baked, blackened, or fried. Our favorite way is to bake the fish with lemon juice and capers.

First, place the fillets in an oven or safe pan, preheat 300-350 degrees. Spread butter over the meat, then add capers evenly. On top of the capers, add sliced lemon covering the entire surface. Cook until you see the flaky look.

If you are planning to cook it, we advise you to use vegetable oil to get the best taste of the fish. Use some good seasoning to diminish the rough taste. Keep in mind to cook it properly as the meat of this fish is very rough compared to regular fish.

What Does Jack Crevalle Taste Like?

The taste of the fish mainly depends on how you cook it. If it is filled and cooked as we mentioned earlier, then we can assure you will get a good taste. 

But if you ask me how does it taste- I would say it tastes like a rainbow trout. If you like the firm meat of rainbow trout, then definitely you would like this fish also. If you can get rid of the fishy flavor, you are on for a good meal.

How to Identify a Jack Crevalle?

If you have never encountered a jack crevalle in your life, don’t worry; we got you covered. Actually, it looks like a smaller amberjack. So, let’s show you what a crevalle looks like?


They come in different colors, to be precise. They can have a blue-ish look or a light silver, but they have sheens that have their own color.

When it comes to fins, these fish have a dark dorsal fin, and the belly has a yellow-ish color.


The perfect time to find them is from spring to fall in Florida. Though they are deep-sea fish, you can find them near shore during these times. Once the summer is over, the fish will go back to the deep waters in the south.


A fully grown Jack crevalle will be 4 feet long. The weight of the fish can hit about 70 pounds at max. But the weight varies a lot. We have seen anglers catching a fish weighing 10 pounds, and they tend to be aggressive.


Jack crevalle has not shown any preference when it comes to their habitat. They are very comfortable as long as the water is warm. They aren’t as picky with water depth. They can be seen in shallow or deep water. They hide in large numbers around rocky structures.


Question: Can you eat jack crevalle?

Answer: Yes, you can eat jack crevalle. But you need to cook it properly so you can get the best taste of it.

Question: What kind of fish is jack crevalle?

Answer: Jack crevalle is a migratory fish. Commonly, they can be seen in the deep warm, and tropical water of the Atlantic ocean. Usually, they surf in the water in large numbers. You can find them near shore during the spring season.

Question: What does jack crevalle eat?

Answer: They consume small fish, shrimps, prawns, crabs, and cephalopods. Studies show that they target a certain type of fish to feast. They are a very powerful and opportunistic predators.

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Jack crevalle is a fish that will give you a tough time while fishing. So, it would be best if you had patience and power in order to catch one of them. There is always this question “Are jack crevalle good to eat?’- we are saying again they are very safe to eat, and they taste delicious if you follow our instructions properly given above.

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