Are Grass Carp Good to Eat?

In Europe and America, people think that grass carp are not fit to be at their dining table. But it’s a false notion for those who think grass carps are not tasty enough. They can be a delicious addition to your lunch or dinner menu.

Grass carp is good to eat, and it’s a mouth-watering dish if you can cook with a proper recipe. The fish is pretty easy to clean if you just cut right up to the jaw and clean the bladders, gills, and unnecessary organs without the flesh. Then cook it with a tasty recipe like gravy with potato, baking, or deep-fat frying.

The catching and preparing techniques of grass carp, along with cooking recipes, are pretty popular among Asians. It’s about time the Westerners caught up!

Finding Grass Carp That’s Good To Eat

In theory, grass carps are pretty much bottom dwellers in the aquatic environment. Whether it’s a lake or artificial pond, grass carps will be found lurking around the bottom of the water and feed on debris or garbage. They will also get pretty big pretty fast since they hoard food and consume almost everything they find.

Are Grass Carp Good to Eat?
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Choose Freshwater Sources

A precondition of finding tasty grass carp is to look at places where the fish has had enough good food. If the grass carp has only fed on filler wastes, mud, and rotten garbage for all its life, it’s pretty apparent that the fish won’t taste that good.

The taste of the fish largely depends on what the fish has had to feed on. So, make sure to collect your grass carp from freshwater sources like clean reservoirs, lakes, or rivers. Also, go through proper cleaning and preparation techniques so that the fish is good enough to eat.

Go For Smaller Fish

By a general rule of thumb, grass carps tend to lose taste in their flesh as they age. If you get a carp that’s well over 5 lbs, the taste of the cooked fish meat will be less appealing.

So, it’s best to choose grass carps younger when you have the option to choose. They will have less texture on their scales and feel a lot smoother than the older fish.

Making Grass Carp Good To Eat

So, grass carps might just feel a bit funny on your tastebuds. Admittedly, the fish has a different taste and may not suit your tongue. But that doesn’t mean that the fish is bad to eat!

Here are some nifty preparation tips to make sure that the grass carp is good to eat.

Bathe the Grass Carp In A Bucket or Ice Cooler

After catching the fish or buying it from the supermarket, you need to give it some time to rest in the water. Place the live fish inside a bucket of clean water for a few hours. If possible, extend the period to a few days and add some salt every 48 hours.

This way, the fish gets rid of most of the toxic residues and insecticides inside its body. Sometimes fish farmers tend to release an excessive amount of cypermethrin into the water while rearing grass carp. A toxic buildup of this chemical compound inside the carp’s body can also result in sickening tastes.

When the grass carps are in captivity, it’s a natural physiological reaction for the fish to release histamines within its bloodstream. This is the toxic hormone that results in the carp’s muddy taste. Bathing the carp or putting it directly in an ice cooler allows a lot of it to wash away.

Remove The Mud Vein

An essential step in ensuring that your grass carp is good to eat is to remove the mud vein. This blood vessel is the foremost reason to make the fish meat taste so rancid. 

So, pay utmost care in identifying the mud vein while gutting your grass carp. Take time to clean out the vein entirely and scrape put any residues. That way, your grass carp will taste radically better once cooked.

Cooking Tasty Grass Carp

Making grass carps good to eat might seem like a huge ordeal. Well, to be honest, it is. Unlike many other fishes, it’s not just as simple as catching, cleaning and cooking. 

Here are some of the tastiest grass carp recipes that are also easy for a beginner. The first one is a deep fat fry with potato gravy, and the second one involves baking in the oven with spices.

Tasty Recipe 1: Deep Fat Fry With Potato Gravy

In this recipe, you would need these ingredients:

  • Chopped Fresh potato (one kg for an entire fish)
  • Green chili (10 pieces)
  • Chilli powder (2 tsp)
  • Garlic and ginger paste (4 tbsp)
  • Coriander (1 tsp)
  • Chopped onion (half kg)
  • Turmeric powder (1.5tsp)
  • Cumin (1 tsp)
  • Dry red chili (according to your taste)
  • Salt (based on your preference)

First of all, mix the fish pieces with salt and turmeric powder and fry them in oil until they show light brown. Then, you take a different pan and put oil to warm. 

After that, add cumin, dry chili, and chopped to fry them. Eventually, add garlic ginger paste, turmeric and chili powder, salt, and lastly, the diced potatoes.

When all the ingredients are cooked enough, add warm water to make the dish gravy. If the sauce becomes denser after 10 to 15 minutes, add the fish fries and cover the pan for another 10 minutes. 

And now, your delicious grass carp fish gravy with potato is ready to serve.

Tasty Recipe 2: Baked In The Oven With Spices

It’s pretty popular these days to cook a baked grass carp. The choice is yours whether you want to bake the whole fish or in pieces. But you should arrange these ingredients first:

  • Breadcrumbs (4cups)
  • Celery (3/4 tbsp)
  • Salt (3/4 tsp or based on your taste)
  • Chopped onion (3 tbsp)
  • Melted butter (6 tbsp)
  • Sage (1 tsp)
  • Pepper (one-eighth tsp)

Take a pan and put some butter in it. Then you can set the onions and celery to cook for a few minutes. Now, you should add the remaining ingredients to cook them in butter.

It’s time to stuff the fish, but first, the fish must be wiped with salt and cloth from the inside out. Then you can add the stuffing and block the entrance by sewing or tying with a thin rope.

And now, it’s ready to go to the oven. Remember to preheat the oven before putting the fish in it. The temperature should be 375 degrees, and the fish should be in for one hour.

Now, get the fish out and feel the aroma. You can serve baked grass carp with lemon or other sauces.

Some Exotic Grass Carp Cuisine

Although a bit unpopular, grass carp have been noticed to adorn many Western cuisines. In parts of Europe where people still try to cook as an art form, many dishes seem to take up the fish as a staple.

European Cuisine

Hungary has a special dish called Fisherman’s soup where grass carp is mixed with some other common fish found in their freshwater lakes. It’s served with stuffed cabbage and walnut rolls on the side.

The Czech people prefer cooking grass carp heads to make a thick soup or boil the fish meat in black sauce. The flesh is also sometimes roasted and served with potato salad.

In Slovakia, fried grass carp fillets can sometimes come up in a family dinner menu as the main course. They also prefer making soup out of the fish extract after boiling it for some time.

American Cuisine

There’s a traditional Jewish Amish dish where grass carp is mixed with some other common carp variants and similar fish. It goes by the name of Gefilte fish and is widely popular among Americans.

Grass carps are gradually getting popular in the United States and Canada due to their adoption of fusion foods. Caviar, or more commonly grass carp eggs, has become one of the most expensive food ingredients in the country!

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Final Words

Grass carps are pretty tasty fish, and we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed if you have a bite. After that, if someone asks you if grass carps are good to eat, you will definitely give them a treat.

The taste will be more impressive if you follow these tips and tricks. Enjoy your meal by including a tasty grass carp dish at your dinner table!

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