14′ Lone Star Aluminum Boat- Everything You Should Know

When thinking about a shallow water boat, the name of Lone Star comes to mind for sure. 

Lone Star boat is one of the oldest classic boats for both coastal and inland waters. It comes with a sturdy aluminum build to prevent its decay rapidly.

However, there are different sizes of Lone Star boats. Among all of them, the 14′ Lone Star aluminum boat is the most popular one. It has some enchanting features along with an attractive outfit.

The price of the Lone Star aluminum boat varies depending on different places. Lone Star aluminum boats are the top choice for offshore fishermen. Besides, you need not occupy a large storage area for Lone Star aluminum boats. If you’re interested in getting a more detailed overview of it, then keep reading. 

14' Lone Star Aluminum Boat

14′ Lone Star aluminum boat history 

Lone Star started to manufacture boats in 1945. The company was shifted to another owner just after passing a year. From that time, 14′ Lone Star aluminum boats were a regular manufacturing product of them. They enlarged their business with more employees and space in 1948. To accelerate their relationship with customers, they founded a warehouse then. 

After that, Mr. E.M Bishop became a partner of them. They were building some aluminum sport runabout and aluminum cruiser. In the meantime, they also developed fiberglass technology in their fishing boat. 1953 was the golden year for them because they attended the prestigious Chicago Boat show for the first time. 

After that, their business was enlarged throughout the whole world. They sold 22,000 units in 1958 for the first time. Unfortunately, their production was decreased to 16,769 units within five years. And finally, Lone Star was taken in 1965 to the ownership of Chrysler Boat Corporation.

Lone Star Aluminum Boat

14′ Lone Star aluminum boat features

Unless you’re thinking about applying the boat for heavy duties, it can benefit you precisely. This section reveals some advantageous features of Lone Star aluminum boats with a brief elaboration. 

Minimum fuel demand 

According to the company’s statement, Lone Star aluminum boats run on gasoline. It’s highly economical because it uses only a little fuel to run on water. 

Less space demand

The user needs only a space more than 14 feet in length to keep the boat perfectly. This boat is wide enough for transporting people in comparison to the length. But, it’s not too wide to threaten its reservation anywhere. 

Easy trailering facility

The easy trailering facility was one of the advantageous features when Lone Star was in business. With their effective 12 inch tires, the boat can be floated easily.

Awesome trailer build

Lone Star’s trailer build accelerates the easy trailering facility more effectively. There is one spare tire of this boat that arrives without a rim. The trailer build includes 1 and ⅞ inches of ball coupler to improve the trailering experience. Moreover, it comes with 4 coil springs and 2 shocks to extend the trailering experience. 

Integrated fishing experience

This boat is specially manufactured for fishing and low water transporting. The user won’t fall in the water suddenly for its improved and balanced build quality. As its base is at a convenient height, it provides an expedient condition to the fishermen. 

Convenient seating position

There are 3 bench seats for sitting with ease. These seats are highly durable and capable of receiving three people’s weight easily. If someone sits on the bench, the discomfort won’t come even after hours. 

Color guarantee

Lone Star never compromised about using the quality color in their boats. Be assured that the boat’s paint won’t vanish after having some rough uses. But, it’s difficult to find any Lone Star boat with its authentic color nowadays. All the boats are repainted and the lasting of the color must be less than the authentic one. 

Lower risk of sinking

Due to the presence of level floatation, this boat won’t sink rapidly. The bottom of the boat won’t get affected easily unless there is an accident from any heavy obstruction. Besides, the durable aluminum bottom ensures not to be leaked after a few days. 

Rust-proof build

Aluminum gets affected by rust quickly. But, this boat is manufactured with quality aluminum. So, no chance of attacking rust even after floating the boat roughly. 

Powerful engine output

A powerful engine operates the Lone Star boat on the water. With 18 horsepower efficiency, the boat runs without any trouble. Its powerful blade gets sufficient output from the engine. Besides, no complicated maintenance is required for the engine of this boat. 

What happened to Lone Star boats?

Lone Star boats couldn’t continue their job after 1965. Chrysler Boat Corporation took ownership of Lone Star company in May of that year. The ex-president of Lone Star became the Vice President of the newly formed company. Last, of all, the marine division was out of the running and the outboard division was sold. 

What is the life expectancy of a Lone Star aluminum boat?

Aluminum boats are made with good corrosion resistance. Besides, the material strength is highly appreciated. An aluminum-built boat from Lone Star can easily run up to 40 years. However, the life span of Lone Star aluminum boats is dependent on material quality and maintenance. 

Price Range of Lone Star boats

The pricing of Lone Star aluminum boats depends on the variation of sizes. A 12 feet Lone Star boat price is around $750. By adding around $150, you can get a 14 feet 1980 Lone Star aluminum boat. The Lone Star fishing boat of the 1969 year can be found for $1100 easily. You need to add $100 for getting the 1968’s version of 14 feet Lone Star boat. One of the most selling Lone Star 1960 V15 boats can be found for $995 nowadays. 

Where to find

The best place for finding Lone Star boats is “smartmarineguide.com”. This website comes with some attractive models of Lone Star aluminum boats at a reasonable price. You can also rely on “boatzez.com” to find some Lone Star boats. Another popular site is “nadaguides.com’ for purchasing Lone Star boats online. 

Are Lone Star aluminum boats any good?

Lone Star aluminum boats can cope with both salt and freshwater. It comes with a corrosion resistance advantage to make it durable in the long run. Besides, the sturdy aluminum build of the boat ensures its marine applications perfectly. 

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Lone Star aluminum boats were one of the favorite choices till the 70’s period. At that time, there was no boat with premium build quality as Lone Star. Even after decades, Lone Star aluminum boats are usable and trustable.

A 14′ Lone Star aluminum boat, the most popular size, is easy to operate for newbies. It’s eco-friendly and uses the minimum fuel to run for a long time. Due to its optimum center of gravity, the possibility of drowning is minimum.

If anyone purchases a second-hand Lone Star boat, it also can be operated without any big trouble. Along with this, the authentic color of the boat will serve for many years. After looking at the price range and the features, you must like this classic-designed Lone Star boat.  

17 thoughts on “14′ Lone Star Aluminum Boat- Everything You Should Know”

  1. Where do I find the manufacturers data plate with the model and year of manufacture? I recently purchased a used Lone Star 14′ Aluminum boat. It needs a lot of work, but with some research and elbow grease it will be back out on the water in no time.

    1. Thank you JIM LAMB. Lone Star started to manufacture boats in 1945. You can try to contact – Lone Star Boat Works, LLC. Contact Number: 713-409-0752 OR 281-667-6102.

  2. I. Trying to find out if my boat is a Lonestar. It has raised stars on the bow cap and at the back of boat on the corners. The identification plate is gone.
    Looking to date my boat that has been redone and is beautuful

  3. i just purchased a 14 ft lonestar big fisherman out side has been painted in side is all orignal nice condition,,,

    1. I am trying to find out the model name for the 14 foot 1954 Lonestar boat I just purchased. It is all open like a fishing type row boat but does have a transum for a small outboard motor.

  4. richard sinclair

    im looking into buying a 1959 Lone Star boat. the identification plate isnt on the boat. can you give the approx. weight of the boat. i need this info to see if my Honda CRV can tow this boat. my CRV has a towing capacity of 1500 lbs. thank you for your help.

    1. 23 Feet 1959 LoneStar Cruise LIner .. approx. weight : 1305 lbs.
      And, 14 Feet 1959 Lone Star Malibu approx. weight : 306 lbs.

  5. Just got a 14′ 1956 Lonestar commander. I’ve only had it on the water a few times with a 5 hp honda 4 stroke and I love it for the smaller lakes in my area. I would like to take it up Lee’s ferry (the tail waters out of Lake Powell) My question is would a 30 hp tohatsu 2 stroke long shaft (appx 117 lbs)be to heavy for the transom? I’m appx 200 lbs and I usually would have either a 125 lb passenger or another 200 lb passenger. and some gear.

  6. I recently bought a 1961 Lone Star but am having trouble identifying the model. Do you know of any online resources that could be of help?

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